LOS ANGELES – A line of highly effective anti-graffiti coatings from Seicoat Corp. has recently been approved and added to the Qualified Products List by the Nevada Department of Transportation. The products are GPA-200 Graffiti Proofer® Anti-Stick and GPA-300 Graffiti Proofer Non-Stick anti-graffiti coatings.
The firm responsible for introducing the environmentally friendly anti-graffiti coatings to Nevada officials is Seicoat Reno, the first Nevada franchisee for Seicoat Corp, Los Angeles, CA.
Company sources report that the process began when state officials discovered that the Seicoat anti-graffiti products, unlike others on the market, were single-component coatings that offered ease of graffiti removal, longevity of up to 10 years and significant cost savings.
The GPA-200 coating is extremely durable and causes most paints to simply run off the film. The GPA-300 product allows anyone to remove graffiti with a dry cloth or water rinse without the use of any cleaning chemicals.  
The Graffiti Proofer coatings are clear, UV stable, chemical and abrasion resistant, and provide true non-stick surfaces that resist paint, permanent markers, stickers and adhesives. The products incorporate a unique nano-technological constituent that both penetrates the surface and builds a durable non-stick and chemically resistant film.