Color trends for 2010 take inspiration from a variety of social and economic influences. In addition, living space personalization continues to act as a driver for color change, with accent walls or niche areas appropriate for small doses of high-impact, bold color, while using more subtle hues on broad wall areas.

Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert with the Paint Quality Institute(sm), states, “More and more homeowners are taking on the task of simple home projects to save money and improve their current space. Conversely, others are sprucing up in preparation for placing their home on the market.”

Regardless of the purpose, a fresh coat of paint remains one of the most economical ways to accomplish all three. No matter what paint color is used, homeowners continue to strive for comfortable, tranquil home environments.

Good Morning

Zimmer shares, “While over-the-top renovations aren’t the norm today, handy homeowners are tackling small, manageable home improvements, such as the addition of a morning kitchen to a bedroom or home office.”

With consumers’ continued desire to create both warm and functional spaces, the Good Morning palette consists of hues that are fresh, clean and comfortable. Color recommendations are the following: honey-like hues such as tan or pale gold; coral; yellow; and mineral grey.

Good Night

“The inspiration for the Good Night palette comes from above – the ceiling,” offers Zimmer. Why sleep beneath a lackluster white canopy? Wrap any space with constant color by painting the ceiling in a tint, tone or shade of the wall color or add a softer touch by paring pastel hues. She continues, “From pastels to deep-tones, Good Night hues, as you might expect, are especially useful in bedrooms and baths or to ‘warm-up’ a family space.” Color recommendations are: pastel hues, particularly pale blue or shell pink for ceilings; midnight blue; eggplant; and wine.

Good Bye

Home staging continues to grow in popularity, as property owners look for home sale assistance. Zimmer states, “The Good Bye palette reflects an assortment of simplistic hues that work across a variety of spaces, creating a welcoming first impression and suitable backdrop for any living area.”

Whether you’re saying “good-bye” to one home or “hello” to another, this classic palette is suitable for all areas and is an especially good choice for foyers, kitchens and family living spaces. Color recommendations include: khaki paired with crisp white; mid-toned blues; off-white or bisque; and black.

Zimmer concludes, “No matter which hue attracts attention this year, consumers continue to have an increased appreciation for paint quality and value.” And, why not? It remains a personal choice for a personal space – it’s about time.