NORMAN OK -- SouthWest NanoTechnologies Inc. (SWeNT) has received the Frost & Sullivan 2010 North American Technology Innovation Award in Carbon Nanotubes. The company was recognized for its CoMoCAT® nanotube production process by Frost & Sullivan, a global research organization.
“SWeNT scored significantly higher than its peers in the nanotube manufacturing sector with a scalable, high-consistency product that could help expand the commercial reality of carbon nanotube (CNT) applications,” said Rajaram Vijayan, Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst for Chemicals, Materials and Food. “It is our unbiased and impartial view that SouthWest Nanotechnologies is worthy of investment and a strong development partner.”
The following criteria were used to benchmark SWeNT’s performance against key competitors: uniqueness of the technology, impact on new products and applications, impact on functionality, impact on customer value, and relevance of the innovation to the industry.
CoMoCAT technology is used to produce high-quality single-wall CNTs and specialty multi-wall CNTs. This patented catalytic technology is being used to harness the unique mechanical, electrical and chemical properties of CNTs and allows optimized dispersion with fewer defects and good length retention. It is scalable to multi-ton production without reduction in quality or properties.
This technology has been employed in conjunction with Chasm Technologies’ V2V™ ink technology to produce unique, printable CNT-based inks. SWeNT CNTs can now be easily printed on large-area and low-cost devices for a wide range of applications including improved energy storage, energy-efficient lighting, printed electronics and affordable photovoltaics. SWeNT CNT’s are also used in the production of nanoPly™ Smart Fabrics.