WASHINGTON, D.C. - ASTM is looking for participants to help study the properties of black glass. ASTM Subcommittee D1.26 on Optical Properties of Coatings maintains a standard (D2805) that specifies black glass panels in the test method and refers to “black Carrara glass” in the footnote. Current practice is to use black glass, but not necessarily Carrara.
Subcommittee members want to remove the Carrara specification, but need to study the optical properties of glasses that are acceptable to use, because they know that some black glass panels work well and some are unsatisfactory for the test procedure. Therefore the subcommittee wants to form a task group to study the properties of black glass. The subcommittee is looking for people who currently use black glass in their testing or have an interest in this topic to join the task group.
If you are interested in helping, send a message to D1.26 Chair Nick Barnes (nbarnes@tintometer.com) or E1.26.02 Chair Ellen Carter (Ellen.Carter@alum.rpi.edu). Interested parties can also participate by attending the June meeting on Tuesday, June 29, at the Westin Town Center, Kansas City, MO.