SUNNYVALE, CA - Dionex Corp. has announced that its new online library of searchable chromatographic applications, the D-Library, is now available on its website free of charge.

“With our new service, users can easily search for applications using a basic text entry or by using advanced-search criteria. This allows, for example, finding exactly those applications that analyze a certain component, use a column with a maximum of three μm particle size and 15 cm length, and have a runtime of less than 20 minutes,” said Andreas Brunner, Product Manager for the Dionex Chromeleon® Chromatography Data System (CDS) software.

The user can view the chromatogram, results, and many other details of the application and download them as a PDF file. In addition, most applications will also offer the Chromeleon software eWorkflows† or a template sequence that can be downloaded directly into Chromeleon software, thus allowing users to start working with applications immediately. The application is RSS enabled for even faster access to new applications.

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