SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Beyond Benign Foundation, Cytec Industries Inc. and Sopheon Corp. have formed the iSUSTAIN Alliance to promote green chemistry awareness in the global chemical industry.
The alliance has launched a Web site,, which allows chemical manufacturers and users to track their progress in developing greener products over time. Users will be able to assess the sustainability of new products using a systematic approach, which is both comprehensive and simple, to help shape the formulation of these products. The site allows companies to test their green-product attributes and give each product an iSUSTAIN Green Chemistry Index rating that will be independently verifiable through a certification process. The academic community will be able to use the iSUSTAIN application free of charge, while company users will pay a small subscription fee. An advisory board for the alliance will be established in the coming months, which will include representation from the Web site’s user community.
“As a nonprofit organization dedicated to green chemistry education, we are excited to be involved with the iSUSTAIN Alliance. This new tool is long overdue and will be invaluable not only to industrial chemists designing safer processes and products, but also as a resource for students, educators and the designers of the next generation of molecules and materials,” said John C. Warner, President of Beyond Benign and the President and Chief Technology Officer of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry.
For more information on how to access the iSUSTAIN™ Green Chemistry Index, contact Ron Helgeson at