LONDON - The program overview for NanoMaterials2010, a commercial conference for businesses operating or looking to operate with nanomaterials, is now available. The conference is scheduled for June 8-10, 2010, in London.
The conference will include two plenary sessions that will cover: macroeconomic climate and market trends in nanomaterials; insurance, regulation and public perceptions; successful spin-out and commercialization strategies; government fostering of growth in nanotechnology; trends in academic and commercial research; and commodity and investment exchange opportunities.
Additionally, four afternoon tracks will focus on different end-use and application sectors with more technical presentations on the latest innovations in nanotechnology. The sectors covered are: printed and nano electronics; nanocomposites and nanoplastics; coatings, inks and pigments; and clean technology.  
The conference will also feature a Partnering Event that will provide all delegates with the opportunity to meet potential partners in a number of pre-arranged, private one-to-one, 30-minute meetings. For additional information about the event, visit