BETHESDA, MD – RadTech, the Association for UV and EB technologies, honored contributions to the advancement of the industry at its biennial awards dinner at RadTech 2010 in Baltimore.

Tony Berejka was presented with the RadTech President's Award for outstanding leadership. Berejka is a founding member and Past-President of RadTech and for the past four decades has made significant contributions to RadTech and the success of UV and EB technologies. He currently heads his own consulting firm, IONICORP+, in Huntington, NY, which deals in materials and process development, venture appraisals and technology transfer.

RadTech also recognized the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for its efforts to develop uv.eb EAST, a RadTech-sponsored conference and exhibition, and for its project opportunity funding of $2 million for UV/EB. NYSERDA's work with RadTech recognizes of the potential for continued innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable developments of the processes in New York State. Scott Larsen of NYSERDA accepted the award on behalf of the agency.

Patricia Yulkowski, CEO of Total Door, was presented with a new award for contributions of an end user of UV or EB. Total Door is the only door system manufacturer of its kind in the world, offering complete solutions for industrial, government, commercial and institutional applications, including healthcare and educational facilities. Yulkowski remarked that "Total Door's decision to move from solvent-based coating to UV-coating technology was a significant step in our goal to implement sustainable technology into every part of our manufacturing process. Aside from the more obvious improvements that UV coating provides, including reduced VOCs and HAPs as well as a generally cleaner and safer working environment, Total Door's manufacturing process has also seen advancement in the following key areas: faster production speed, reduced work in process, reduced manufacturing footprint, reduced energy costs and reduced quality costs."

At the RadTech Technical Conference, the Best Paper Award went to Michael Dvorchak, Bayer MaterialScience LLC, with his paper and presentation of "Acrylated Allophanate Oligomers That Are 100 Percent Solids with Low Viscosity and High Functionality." The best student paper went to Luke Kwisnek, University of Southern Mississippi, for his work on "UV-Cured Membranes for Gas Separation."

RadTech members are increasingly reaching out to students to educate new professionals on the science and benefits of UV and EB technologies. The student Experience Scholarship is intended to offer promising young undergraduate and graduate students in the industry both an educational and memorable experience. RadTech 2010 winners are Kenny Mineart, a senior at the Univerity of Iowa, and Luke Kwisnet, a graduate student at Southern Mississippi.

The first-ever student poster competition was held in cooperation with the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA). The goal of the competition was to educate students about the benefits of UV and EB, as well as the fact that the process enables differentiation and new applications in the printing and packaging industry. Winning the award was Alicia Juarez, a junior majoring in Graphic Communication at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. The winning poster may be viewed on the RadTech Web site at