GAITHERSBURG, MD – Fusion UV Systems, a leader in industrial UV-curing solutions, and PCT Engineering Systems, a technology leader in EB-curing solutions, have announced an agreement to work together on promoting dual (UV/EB) energy-curing technology solutions to the coil-coating industry.

PCT will place Fusion’s UV lamp systems on its EB pilot line to give coil-coating companies and their coating suppliers the ability to apply and cure radiation-cured coatings at production speeds. This will be the first pilot line available to the entire industry in the world. The pilot line is located at PCT Engineering in Davenport, IA.

It has been reported that UV- and EB-cured coil coatings have the ability to reduce natural gas consumption up to 95 percent, electricity consumption by 60 percent, CO2 emissions by 90 percent and VOCs by 90 percent. These figures have spurred interest and development by the industry. Lack of an available pilot line was identified as a critical factor to holding back the development, and subsequent adoption, of this technology. It is expected that in addition to PCT and Fusion, the pilot line will also be used to develop data under various curing conditions by other stakeholders in the industry. It is further expected that data generated on the pilot line will be used as the basis for future technical papers and industry articles.