National Coatings Corporation (NCC) was chosen by NASA to help aid in the Ares I-X rocket launch that will one day explore the moon, Mars and more. NCC was part of a successful rocket test flight, NASA’s first new rocket in nearly 30 years, because they used sustainable and highly reflective AcryShield and RustShield products. The highly durable roof coatings were chosen by NASA’s engineers due to the coatings ability to shield against rust, maintaining the exterior’s integrity of the rocket while it passes through the salty ocean air. National Coatings’ products were also chosen because of their proven ability to highly reflect sunlight and UV rays, thus protecting the rocket’s essential components from overheating.

“We are very proud to be part of this successful rocket launch. Not many companies get to participate in space endeavors and contribute to NASA's success,” says Matt Kolb, President of National Coatings Corporation.

National Coatings’ RustShield A120 is a water-based primer to be used over ferrous metal surfaces and properly prepared rusted surfaces to provide excellent resistance to flash rusting. It is excellent for use over metal roof decks, metal sidewalls, rail cars, pipes and equipment, tank exteriors, and structural steel. The benefits include: single component, resistance to flash rusting, outstanding corrosion protection, low odor, low VOC, and environmentally friendly.

AcryShield A590 is an ultra-high reflectance acrylic top coating. The high reflectance of the A590 is guaranteed to lower air conditioning energy costs even more than our other cool roof products. A590 is also guaranteed to reduce roof degradation and prolong the life of the roof it is applied to, significantly lowering the life-cycle costs of the roof. The many benefits included: ultra-high reflectance, seamless waterproofing, durable and renewable, cooling energy savings, reduced life-cycle costs, and environmentally friendly.

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