R. R. Freeman, Frontier Laboratories
On-line GC/MS Identification of Volatile Organics Formed During the UV Irradiation of Polymeric Materials

Carmem S. Pfeifer, University of Colorado
Characterization of Heterogeneity in Polymerization-Induced, Phase-Separated All-Methacrylate System

Paul Mills, EIT Instrument Markets
Real-Time UV Monitoring & Measuring

Beshah Ayalew, Clemson University
Estimation and Closed-Loop Control for UV Curing

Jeffrey W. Stansbury, University of Colorado
Novel Method To Simultaneously Evaluate Reaction Kinetics And Shear Modulus Development In Photopol

Gwang-hoe Koo, Kumoh National Institute of Technology
Melting Point Depression of UV-Irradiated Poly(lactic acid) Film

Umesh D. Harkal, Coatings and Polymeric Materials
Novel UV-Curable Polyurethanes from Glycidyl Carbamate (GC) Resins

Dong Tian, Armstrong World Industries, Inc.
Novel, Multi-Functional Unsaturated Polyester Polyols: Synthesis and Application

T. Brian Cavitt, Abilene Christian University
UV-Curable Biostatic Monomers: An Evolutionary Leap in Biomaterials

Dr. Thomas Cheng-Chao Pai, AGI Corporation
A Preparation Method for Changable Refractive Index of Polyester Acrylates

Dr.R.N.Jagtap, ICT              
Branched Radiation-Curable Polyurethane for Coil Coating

Sangermano Marco, Politecnico di Torino
Advanced Epoxy Coatings With Increased Toughness

Liu Xiaoxuan, Guangdong University of Technology
Preparation of Waterborne Polyurethane-Acrylate (PUA) and Application to UV-Curing Coatings on the Package of Paper

Huang Bei-qing, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication
Effect of Tertiary Amine on the Curing Rate of UV-Curable Ink

Wenfang Shi, Univ. of Science and Tech. of China
Preparation and Properties of UV-Curable Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Nanocomposites Based on Layered Double Hydroxides

Hongbo Liang
Synthesis and Properties of UV/Moisture Dual-Curable Polyurethane Coatings

David Zhigang Wang, Ph.D., Shenzhen UV Chemical Technologies, Inc.
Development and Manufacture of New-Generation VOC-Free Photoinitiators

Ren Liu, Jiangnan University, School of Chem. & Matl. Eng.
Effect of C=C Content on the Film Properties and Photoimaging Properties of Electrodeposition Photoresist

Jun Nie, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Effect of Oxygen in Photopolymerization

Yurong Yi, Runwing
UV-Cure System Application & Inspection

Anne Testoni, Advanced Electron Beams, Inc.
Use of Modular, Low-Voltage EB Systems for the Surface Treatment of Complex 3-D Objects

Alex Polykarpov, Cognis Corporation
Adhesion Promoters for EB Coatings

Gang Yang, Sichuan University
Degradation of PLLA and PLEG Copolymer by Low-Energy Electron Beam Radiation

Im Rangwalla, Energy Sciences Inc.
Quick and Easy Way to Characterize Low-Voltage (80-125 kV) EB Accelerators Using Fast-Check Strips

Dawn Skinner, Fusion UV Systems Inc.
Investigating the Practical Issues Of Nitrogen Inerting In UV-Curable Processes

George Wakalopulos, Adastra Technologies, Inc.
New Super-Portable UV-Curing Equipment

R. W. Stowe, Fusion UV Systems, Inc.
Non-Reciprocity of Exposure of UV-Curable Materials and the Implications for System Design

Vladimir Danilychev, Quantum Technologies
Large-Area Uniform Curing UV Sources

Jim Borsuk, Nordson UV Systems Group
UV Spectral Stability as it Relates to UV Bulb Temperature

Marcus Hutchins, Cytec Industries
Low-Energy-Curable Coatings

Guomao Yang, EXFO
LED Curing - Reaction/Behaviors of Various Inks to LED-Based UV Sources

Richard Jones, Sun Chemical Corporation
LED’s: Shedding a New Light on UV Curing

Michael Beck, Phoseon Technology
UV-LED Curing - Beyond the Early Adopters

Jim Raymont, EIT Instrument Markets
Measuring the Output of UV LEDs

Scott Zavada, Coatings Research Institute, Eastern Michigan Univ.
Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nano-Composite Coatings by UV-Initiated Sol-Gel Process

Maria Nargiello, Evonik Degussa Corporation
Use of Novel Matting Agent in UV-Cure Coatings

Eugene V. Sitzmann, BASF Corp.
Recent Advances in Photocuring and Stabilization of Waterborne Coatings

Scott P. Van Remortel, Unimin Corp.
New Ultra-Fine Nepheline as a Durable and Transparent Additive to Accelerate Radiation Cure

In-Hyo Kim, Shinyoung Rad.Chem.Ltd.
Korean Market Overview

Takashi Ukachi, JSR Corporation
Japan Overview

Toshiyuki Oyama, Yokohama National University
Photosensitive Polyimides Without Side Chain: Negative-Tone Reaction Development Patterning

Koji Arimitsu, Tokyo University of Science
Photochemical Generation of Superbases and its Application to Photoreactive Materials

Koichi Hirota, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Application of Electron Beam to Environmental Conservation

Kimihiro Matsukawa, Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute
Photo-Cured Organic-Inorganic Hybrids for High Refractive Index Materials

Tadatomi Nishikubo, Kanagawa University
Synthesis of New Ladder Cyclic Materials with Photo-Reactive Groups and Their Application to EUV-Eesists, EB-Eesists and Photo-Curable Materials

Masamitsu Shirai, Osaka Prefecture University
UV-Curable Monomers for Imprint Lithography

Brian Dillman, University of Iowa Chemical Engineering
Spectroscopic Quantification Kinetic Rate Constants for Epoxy-Acrylate Hybrid Photopolymerizations

Rong Bao, Fusion UV Systems, Inc.
Analyzing Depth Profile of Double Bond Conversion as a Function of Film Depth and [BPh]

Ho Seop Eom, The University of Iowa
Reaction Diffusion Control of Cationic Active Species in Epoxide-Acrylate Hybrid Photopolymerizatio

Croutxe-Barghorn Céline, Department of Photochemistry
UV Curing and Sol-Gel-Based Chemistry: Towards Nanocomposite Coatings in a One-Step Process

Thad Druffel, PhD, PE, Optical Dynamics Nanotechnology
Engineering Optical and Mechanical Properties of Radiation-Cured Inorganic-Organic Nanocomposites

Roger Cayton, Nanophase Technologies
Nanoparticle Additives for Enhanced Scratch-Resistance in UV-Cured Coatings

C. Allan Guymon, The University of Iowa
The Effect Of Organoclays on Thermomechanical Properties in Cross-Linked Photopolymer Nanocomposite

Robert Tapella, U.S. Government Printing Office
The Green Road Ahead

Mr. Reto Weder, RAHN AG
Polymeric Photoinitiators – UV Inks and Coatings for Food Packaging

Stephen Lapin, PCT Engineered Systems
Dual Ultaviolet and Electron Beam Curing of Printing Inks

Mikhail Laksin, IdeOn LLC and Amgraph Packaging
EB Gravure – Novel Printing Concept for Sustainable Packaging

Meagan Farley, Red Spot Paint and Varnish
UV-Curable Coatings for Glass Packaging

Dr. Chris Chiu, Chitec Technology Corp.
Novel Liquid BAPO-Type Photoinitiator

Igor Khudyakov, Bomar Specialties
Cage Effect Dynamics Under Photolysis of Photoinitiators

ALLONAS, Department of Photochemistry
New Visible Light Photoinitiating Systems for Free Radical and Cationic  Photopolymerization

Dr. Chris Chiu, Chitec Technology Corp.
Polymeric Aminoketone-Type Photoinitiators

Yuxia (Sonny) Liu, Henkel Corp.
Soluble and Red-Shifted Sulfonium Salts

Sarah Kurtz, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Material Needs for Photovoltaic Modules

Ted Sullivan, Lux Research Inc.
PV Cost Structures and the Role of Non-Active Materials

Joshua Oliver, Sartomer Company
Influences on Barrier Performance of UV/EB-Cured Polymers

Charles S. Douglas, Evonik Industries Tego Coatings Additives & Specia
Enhancing Physical Properties of UV-Cure Ink Systems

James Goodrich, Sartomer Company, Inc.
Evaluation of New Oligomers for UV/EB Lithographic Inks

Ahmet Nebioglu, Bomar Specialties
Water-Reducible Urethane Acrylates: An alternative to UV-PUDs

Michael Dvorchak, Bayer MaterialScience LLC
Acrylated Allophanate Oligomers That are 100% Solids With Low Viscosity and High Functionality

William Schaeffer, Sartomer Company
Acrylated Products Designed for Formability and Adhesion Enhancement in Direct-to-Metal Applications

Michael Gould, RAHN USA
Renewable/Sustainable Product Development: Green Chemistry vs. Energy-Curing Blues

Vijay Mannari, Eastern Michigan University
        Novel “Green” UV-Curable Oligomers – Leveraging Chemistry for Delivering Value

Zhigang Chen, Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Sweet Soy-Based UV-Curable Coatings

Jeffrey Klang, Sartomer
Design and Performance of Radiation-Curable Acrylates with High Renewable Carbon Content

Ayse Hancer, Eastern Michigan University
Formulation of Soy-Based UV Coatings Using Acrylated Soy Methyl Esters as Reactive Diluent

Yuanyuan Dong, Kumoh National Institute of Technology
Photo-Reactive Coloration of Cotton Fabrics by UV irradiation

Kristy Wagner, Red Spot Paint and Varnish
Next-Generation Exterior Durable Hard Coats for Plastics

Wenguang Li, DSM Desotech
UV-Curable Anti-Fog Coatings

Sidney Hutter, Sidney Hutter Glass & Light, Inc.
Ultraviolet Fusing of Art & Technology II

Ryan Schwarb, Keyland Polymer Ltd.
UV-Curable Powder Coatings for Heat-Sensitive Substrates

Satyendra K. Sarmah, DSM Desotech
Progress in the Development of UV-Curable Topcoats for Military Aircraft

Todd Williams, Bayer MaterialScience LLC
Development of UV-A-Curable Coatings for Military Aircraft Topcoats

Mark Myers, Nissan Chemical America Corporation
Current State-of-the-Art and Impending Developments in Silica Nanoparticle Use in UV-Curable Systems

Hyungsoo Kim, The Lubrizol Corporation
The Role of 2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropanesulfonic Acid in Conductive Medical Hydrogel Electrodes

Edison  Bittencourt, Universidade Estadual De Campinas
Development of UV-Curable Resins and Evaluation of Ophtalmic Lenses Produced

Neil Cramer, University of Colorado
Unique Polymerization Properties of Thiol-Ene-Methacrylate Systems

Luke Kwisnek, University of Southern Mississippi
UV-Cured Membranes for Gas Separation

Heeyoung Park, University of Colorado
Stress Relaxation by AFCT in the Photopolymerization of Highly Crosslinked Thiol-yne Networks

Chris Comer, University of Southern Mississippi
Photolatent Base/Radical Photoinitiator Catalyzed Poly(Thiourethane)/Poly ((Meth)Acrylate) Networks:Dual Network Formation Via Radical Mediated Photopolymerization

Sheng Ye, University of Colorado
Induction Curing of Thiol-ene and Thiol-acrylate Systems

Soonki Kim, The University of Iowa
The Effect Of Organoclay Systems With Different Functional Groups On Photopoltmerization Kinetics

John L Garnett, Speedcure Pty Ltd.
Novel UV-Cured Resins for In-Field Coating of Concrete, Timber, Plastics and Related Materials

Jo Ann Arceneaux, Cytec Industries Inc.
Field-Applied UV-Curable Floor Coatings

Michael Dvorchak, Bayer MaterialScience LLC
UV-Curable Polyurethane Dispersion Coatings for Flooring

Gary A. Sigel, Armstrong World Industries
Quality Improvements in UV Wood Finishing

Michael J. Dvorchak, Bayer MaterialScience LLC
Sun Shine Cure Polyurethane Dispersion Deck Coatings

Jonathan Shwa, Cytec Industries Inc.
Novel UV-Curable WB Chemistry for Wood Furniture Applications