SAN JOSE, CA - Global Industry Analysts Inc. (GIA) has released a report on the global epoxy resins market. The report forecasts the market will reach 1.93 million tons by the year 2015. Factors such as rising demand from various end-use segments including electrical laminate, especially in developing markets, and increasing consumer demand for decorative powder coatings are influencing the market.

The epoxy resins market is influenced by the patterns in GDP growth and is largely susceptible to economic downturns. Further, the course of the automotive and construction and housing sectors impacts the epoxy resins market to a considerable extent. The economic recession across global markets during 2008 and 2009, and the sharp decline in the construction and automotive sectors, severely impacted the epoxy resins market. Decline in demand for epoxy resins in electrical laminates, and paints and coatings, the two major end-user segments, resulted in a significant drop in the overall market. However, the market is likely to recover from the downturn and is poised to gain momentum and register growth in the near term.

Asia-Pacific represents the largest and fastest-growing regional market for epoxy resins worldwide. Decline in the world economy during 2008 and 2009 and a series of plant maintenance shutdowns adversely impacted the epoxy resins market in Asia-Pacific. In addition, the imposition of a credit squeeze by the Chinese government has put pressure on cash flows of local epoxy resin manufacturers, especially in the small-to-medium segment. However, the market is likely to overcome the barriers to demonstrate growth from 2011 onwards.

The paint and coatings category constitutes the largest end-use segment. For decades, epoxy resins have been successfully used as binders in the paint and coatings industry. Solvent-based paint and coatings represent the largest category within the paint and coatings end-use segment. However, fastest growth is expected from the electrical laminates category, primarily driven by the increasing demand in Asia-Pacific and other developing markets.

Epoxy resins are one of the most widely used and versatile compounds in the polyester or orthophthalic resins family. The high-performance thermosetting agents are used in diverse applications such as coatings, electrical-electronic laminates, adhesives, flooring and paving applications, and composites. Epoxy resin prices are generally stimulated by factors such as supply and demand trends, energy costs, and price trends in the raw material industry. The prices are also influenced by the availability and cost of raw materials such as epichlorohydrin, and bisphenol-A. Other reasons for price variations are technology costs, research and development activities, and environmental regulations.

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