YPSILANTI, MI - The Coatings Research Institute at Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI, is offering a number of courses this fall.

Principles and Practices of Coating Formulations is being offered October 19-21. This three-day course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding and working knowledge of coating formulations.

Emerging Technologies in Polymers and Coatings will take place October 27-29. The goal of this three-day course is to inform students about emerging technologies in polymers and coatings and demonstrate practical aspects and utility of recent developments. Topics discussed include novel polymers and smart coatings, nanotechnology, resin preparations coating design, testing, and evaluation.

Improving Durability and Performance of Coatings will be offered November 2-4. This three-day course is designed to provide technical information for paint manufacturers, industry suppliers and users of coatings and paint at all levels. It is specifically recommended for formulators, raw materials suppliers, paint users, technicians, chemists, engineers and quality-control personnel in the coatings and paint industry.

Understanding Coating Raw Materials will take place November 17. This one-day course provides basic understanding and knowledge of coating raw materials that will benefit personnel at various levels.

Basics of Polyurethane Coatings will be offered November 18-19. The objective of this course is to present fundamental understanding of PU chemistry and technology and how it is harnessed in formulation of a variety of PU coating systems.

Courses will be held on the campus of Eastern Michigan University. For additional information, call 800/932.8689.