RockTron, a world leader in innovative recycling technology, launched RockTron Asia in October 2010, a full two years ahead of schedule. Its unique technology can process 100% of both fresh and stockpiled coal-fired power station waste, known as fly ash, into valuable eco-minerals, with no waste stream. Each RockTron plant is designed to process up to 800,000 tonnes of eco-minerals each year. These new 100% recycled advanced products include hollow and solid alumino-silicate microspheres (<1 to 300 micron), to replace conventional and man-made inorganic fillers and extenders such as talc, GCC, glass fibres, glass microspheres, barytes, dolomite, clay et al. They can also be used as functional fillers in rubbers to give improved physical properties including sound absorption and improved wear resistance for components and coatings.

One of RockTron’s fundamental advantages is that its products are naturally spherical; beneficiation removes surface alkali salts to enhance performance. Other attributes include lower melt viscosity and lower density than many other inorganic fillers. RockTron’s glass microspheres (Mohs hardness scale = 5-6) ensure low oil absorption, reducing the amount of expensive raw material required.

RockTron’s Advanced Products cost about 25-50% less than most inorganic fillers. They are also energy neutral. During the beneficiation process, RockTron plants recover unburned carbon from fly ash, which is returned to the power station as fuel. Furthermore, RockTron has none of the usual mining, excavation, crushing, processing or energy costs associated with the production of ordinary inorganic fillers and extenders. The inert nature of these eco-minerals also means that potential safety concerns do not arise.

RockTron’s beneficiation technology is now being made available throughout Asia under exclusive franchises. This significant partnership opportunity offers the potential for substantial return on investment and environmental benefits.

RockTron’s Senior Directors are travelling to Kuala Lumpur to launch RockTron Asia IGEM in Malaysia to meet energy companies, investors, polymers and concrete manufacturers at a series of meetings to discuss franchise opportunities.

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