SCHAUMBURG, IL – INX International Ink Co. has announced a price increase effective Sept. 1, 2010. Ongoing raw material supply shortages are continuing to have a serious effect on printing ink production.

Effective Sept. 1, solvent-based white inks and water-based white inks will increase in price from four to six percent. Inks containing violet 23 (purple) and water coatings will each increase eight percent. Water-base inks, bases, clears and blends will rise two to four percent, and UV inks and coatings will be increased eight to 10 percent.

INX International Ink Co. will strategically address the impact of the above-mentioned raw materials as related to specific inks and markets rather than generically mandated increases across all product lines and market segments. INX sales representatives are available to discuss with customers any specific questions or concerns related to this announcement.