ULSAN, Korea – Songwon Industrial Co. Ltd. announced the expansion of its antioxidants capacity from 55,000 tons to 70,000 tons. The expanded capacity will be on stream as of August 2011. The expansion is the result of the consolidation of the Songnox® 1076 production into Songwon’s new fully backward-integrated Maeam plant.

Maurizio Butti, CEO of Songwon International said, “In 2007, we told the market that they could ‘count on us’ for their polymer stabilizers requirements. This move once more shows our continuous commitment to support the polymer industry. This decision is particularly important because this allows Songwon to create additional capacity not only for Songnox 1076, but for all our antioxidants as well as enhancing our production flexibility. These two aspects are paramount to our commitment to customers in periods of strong demand, when product availability is critical.” Maurizio added, “Last but not least, we will take this opportunity to introduce a new enhanced physical form for Songnox 1076. The new product, Songnox 1076 SB, will upgrade critical properties making it more robust and easier to handle and will deliver clear benefits for our customers.”