ST. PAUL, MN -- H.B. Fuller Co. has completed the acquisition of the assets of privately held Liquamelt Corp., an Ohio-based manufacturer and marketer of the patented Liquamelt® adhesive system.

"Liquamelt is a unique adhesive system," said Jim Owens, President and Chief Executive Officer. "This 'Cool on Delivery - Hot on Demand' technology is a new category of adhesives and will enable us to help our customers drive cost and complexity from their processes with technology that is based on sustainable and available raw materials. The acquisition of Liquamelt adhesive technology demonstrates our commitment to rapid innovation and new product delivery to the adhesives industry."

Liquamelt adhesive is flowable at room temperature and combines with easy-to-use delivery equipment to create a fast-bonding, high-performing adhesive solution. It enables room temperature storage and handling of adhesive.

Liquamelt Corp. currently employs eight people. In addition to the material and equipment patents, the principal assets acquired include equipment and inventory. The Liquamelt system is expected to generate less than $1 million in revenue in 2011.