Warranted to last 15 years against fading, the new NeverFade professional exterior paint is formulated with Kynar Aquatec® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to make it resistant to fading, algae, fungus, stains and abrasions. 

Located in entirely different sections of the country, Kelly Mattes and Ron Rooker have discovered they share a common need. Both painters are challenged by intense weather conditions requiring an exterior paint that can stand up to harsh sunlight without fading.

In Arizona, Mattes searched for paint that wouldn’t fade from the weeks-on-end exposure to the brutal desert sun. In Florida, Rooker needed a paint that could stand up to the salt air, sea spray, humidity and sunny days found throughout the state. One paint satisfied the needs of both painters – NeverFade™ by APV Engineered Coatings.

Warranted to last 15 years against fading, the new NeverFade professional exterior paint is formulated with Kynar Aquatec® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to make it resistant to fading, algae, fungus, stains and abrasions. The water-based paint formula has low VOCs and is eco-friendly. It resists abrasion, restricts the growth of mold and mildew, and will not pick up dirt.

NeverFade’s revolutionary 15-year warranty against fading is transferable. This makes it possible for homeowners and commercial property owners to confidently invest in the premium exterior paint knowing that the value of the NeverFade paint investment will transfer to future building owners. And, should it be proven that the paint does fade within the warranted time, the manufacturer will cover the replacement cost of the product along with paying for job-related labor costs.

“From just my first experience using NeverFade, I’d use this paint on every project if I could,” says Mattes. “After 30+ years as a painter, I was surprised and impressed with NeverFade. The paint has a creamy, rich texture and is not watery. It went on splatter-free and never made a mark on my drop cloth.”

Early in 2010, Mattes tackled the job of repainting The Plaza at Black Mountain shopping complex in Cave Creek, Arizona. Originally painted brown, the sun faded the original coating to gray – and then it simply vanished.

“The stucco exterior was bare when I arrived,” says Mattes. “I investigated paint options that would bring new life to the building and provide a long-term solution. That research led me to NeverFade. This paint is as good as or better than any paint I’ve ever used. It rolled and pushed into the stucco surface very easily with a roller pad, requiring only one coat. The covering was even and complete. NeverFade really transformed this shopping center area. The idea that it’s warranted against fading for 15 years in these extreme weather conditions is exceptional and has brought peace-of-mind to the complex owner.”

Mattes hand rolled just one coat of the custom Sahara color of NeverFade paint on the building complex that includes a hair salon, restaurant, insurance company and specialty shops. The one-man job took about 120 hours to complete, including the staining of the wood trim around the structure.

Painter and Artist

While Mattes has been painting homes throughout the country since the 1970s, his first preference is mural painting. The freelance artist specializes in landscape scenery and wildlife, creating unique focal displays on everything from privacy walls in residential yards to sides of buildings. “I was so impressed with the NeverFade paint that I plan to use it for my next mural wall in Arizona,” says Mattes. “The fact that the colors won’t fade over time and will retain their brilliance is inspiring.”

The planned mural will be created on a high-profile street in North Scottsdale. The 200-feet-wide by six-feet-high scene will depict different natural landmarks in New Mexico, California and Arizona, and will have motorcycles traveling a road throughout the different states.

“This wall mural is planned as a way to promote my company so I’m extremely particular on the paints I’ll be using,” says Mattes. “Since the big thing in the southwest these days is an explosion of color to complement the desert environment, I’ll be requesting bright, unique colors of NeverFade.”

Sunshine State

Across the country in Fort Myers, Florida, painter Ron Rooker of Ron’s Painting, applied 45 gallons of NeverFade paint to transform a home’s exterior on Sanibel Island. While the original peach color was faded and flat, the new yellow NeverFade surface shines brightly.

“After the positive experience of doing this house, NeverFade is now my top recommendation to customers,” says Rooker. “It is a premium-quality, low-VOC paint that restricts UV rays from causing fading. The great thing about NeverFade is not only the long-lasting color, but its ability to prevent algae growth and dirt pick-up, while being very easy to apply.

“As a painting contractor, this is the product my clients and I have been waiting for. In Florida, harsh UV rays and algae growth are major issues, and NeverFade is the answer. This paint supports a level of quality that is up to par with the service that I provide.” 

Rooker notes that it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and properly prepare the work surface before applying the paint. His crew took the time to remove loose, powdery stucco and then pressure-cleaned the entire exterior. A chalk sealer was also applied onto the stucco sidewalls.

Had he been painting over wood, Rooker would have followed the manufacturer’s guidelines to patch and sand any exposed bare wood and fill damaged areas before top-coating. When painting over aluminum or vinyl siding, it is recommended to remove powdered, oxidized surface areas with a scrubbing pad. Then, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before top-coating. New concrete block products should be allowed to cure for at least 30 days before coating, and pre-painted block should be high-pressure washed to remove dirt, loose paint or chalking. NeverFade may also be applied to masonry/cement composite panels after loose or peeling paint is removed and the surface is pressure washed. A drying time of two days is recommended before painting, and bare spots should be primed.

Following the prep work on the Sanibel Island home, Rooker sprayed on a single coat of NeverFade paint to the sidewalls and back rolled. Two coats of semi-gloss white were applied to the porch ceilings, banding and other forms of trim to set it apart from the stucco walls.

Rooker chose an eggshell finish on the stucco walls. “It has a slightly slicker surface, so mildew won’t stick to it as readily,” he says. “Rain easily washes it clean, so there is also far less dirt retention.”

With more than 20 years painting experience, Rooker knows his customers. He believes that, in addition to benefiting homeowners, he’ll see great demand for the NeverFade paint from property managers of condo associations and town homes. Given the long life span of the paint and the substantial warranty, Rooker believes the paint will be viewed as an investment.

Showcasing Exterior Paint

Builders, contractors and professional painters will have the opportunity to view first-hand an application of NeverFade paint when they join together for the International Builders’ Show in January 2011. Organizers of The NextGen Flex Home™ show home, created on site at the Orlando Convention Center, have chosen NeverFade for the exterior of the innovative demonstration home.

“NeverFade paint perfectly complements our goal of creating a showpiece home that is built green, energy efficient and safe to resist Florida’s unique weather-related conditions,” says Paul Barnett, president of iShow, producers of the NextGen Home Experience®. “The NextGen Flex Home will be available for thousands of show attendees to view. This home is being designed to showcase flexible living spaces that can accommodate homeowners through all their life changes and cycles.” Following the trade show, The NextGen Flex Home will be donated to a national organization serving the needs of injured veterans.

Engineered to Last

Available nationwide to APV-certified contractors for use on both residential and commercial projects, NeverFade paint may be applied to vinyl siding, PVC, wood, aluminum siding, stucco, masonry, and fiber cement surfaces. Each paint order is custom made, so NeverFade is available in an unlimited number of colors.

The key component to NeverFade is Kynar Aquatec FMA, a new, water-based, low-VOC fluoropolymer developed by Arkema Inc. to deliver durability and performance similar to the company’s time-proven Kynar 500® resin-based PVDF coatings.

Well known in the architectural community since its introduction in 1965, Kynar 500 is a baked-on coating often used on metal roofs and walls. Rather than requiring high-temperature factory baking, however, coatings based on new Kynar Aquatec FMA emulsions cure at ambient temperatures, meaning they can be field applied to a variety of substrates including metal, concrete, PVC and wood. NeverFade is the first house paint to incorporate the new fluoropolymer in its formulation.

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