PERTH, Australia - TZ Minerals International (TZMI), an independent consulting and publishing company, has published an all-encompassing annual review on TiO2 pigment for industry participants, including producers, end consumers, new entrants and the financial community.

Pigment Industry Annual Review (PAR) is TZMI Group’s third industry study that provides an overview of the global titanium pigment market. The pigment-focused report carefully examines the structure and market dynamics of the global titanium pigment industry.

The PAR is structured as a combination of data presentation, interpretation and analysis. It is interspersed with some historical reference to give the reader a context from which to draw their own perceptions.

This study provides a thorough background on the titanium supply chain, pigment manufacturing technologies, pigment properties and characteristics. It also offers a detailed review of supply and demand (including forecasts out to 2015) and an analysis of the barriers to trade and a review of major global trade routes. Also included in the study is a data-driven analysis of trade data covering seven regions and 41 countries for the period 2002-2009. Additionally, the report offers an overview of pigment-plant economics, focusing on pricing and manufacturing cost. The report also provides TZMI’s view on the industry trends and outlook.

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