Massage therapy for bulk bags from Spiroflow Systems, Inc. helps discharge compacted or otherwise difficult materials at less cost. According to the company, cost-effective, optional ‘massagers’ for bulk bag dischargers/unloaders can massage or move 95% of compacted or otherwise difficult-to-discharge materials through an ‘earth-quaking’ treatment at less cost and using less space.

“You can use stand-alone hydraulic breakers or bulk bag conditioners to split the contents of compacted or hardened material into lumps, but these devices are costly and space consuming,” Spiroflow Systems noted.

Three Types of Massagers Offered

Three types of pneumatic powered Massage Paddles are available to aid the flow of compacted, cohesive or sticky materials. These include:

Side Massagers– These can be moved vertically to ascertain the optimum position, but it is usually within the lower one third of the bag

Base Massagers– These are used to break up material that has been compacted across the base of the bag.

Corner Massagers– These ensure that the maximum solid lump breaking forces are applied from opposite cross corners and ensure that all four corners of the bag are completely emptied.


The massagers work in two ways:

  1. By earth quaking compacted or cohesive materials to break the bonds between particles, enabling them to flow more readily

  2. By pushing material from the extremities of the bag, where they may be supported by its flat bottom, to above the outlet spout where it has no option but to fall out of the bag.

  3. Concurrently with massaging, Spiroflow’s patented spring support arms stretch the bag (and any liner) vertically to ensure that no product is left behind in the folds of the bag or its liner.

“Often the only way to identify the right type of massager or combination of massagers is to conduct trials in our test facility or at the customer’s site,” Spiroflow said. “We can easily set up these trials that the customer can witness in person or by a live video link.”

Lump Breaking and Sifting Systems

Since earth-quaked lumps of product are not ideally suited for repacking or further processing, a variety of lump-breaker and sifting systems are also available. These systems, which can be an integral part of the bulk bag discharger, ensure that only material within the required specifications is delivered to the packing or processing machine. Spiroflow also offers a variety of mechanical conveying systems for the transfer of product to the next process.

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