PITTSBURGH – PPG Industries’ coil and extrusion coatings group has issued a white paper demonstrating the superior energy performance of buildings with infrared (IR)-reflective coatings on metal walls, window frames and roofs.

The 12-page document, “Energy Savings in High-Rise Buildings Using High-Reflective Coatings,” summarizes an energy modeling study conducted by an independent energy and environmental analysis firm on prototype eight-story office buildings in 12 North American cities. The study showed that, when IR-reflectance for metal wall, window frame and roof coatings was increased from five percent to 70 percent, total building energy costs were reduced by one percent in cold-weather cities such as Boston, Chicago and Ottawa, and by up to four percent in warm-weather cities such as Mexico City and Phoenix.

The study showed that cooling loads for prototype buildings were cut by two percent or more in cold-weather locales, and by as much as seven percent in sunny climates. Size requirements for fans and air-handling units (AHUs) also were diminished by three-to-seven percent.

The study concluded that, “the small premium paid for heat-reflective coatings (compared to standard fluoropolymer coatings) pays for itself many times over in energy savings for the building owner … even in cold climates.”

In addition to combined savings for high-reflectance walls, window frames and roofs, the white paper details energy and equipment-size reductions for each as individual components, and for escalating reflectance levels from 25 to 65 percent.

Visitwww.ppgideascapes.comto download the white paper, or call 888/774-.332 to order a printed version.