PARSIPPANY, NJ - The Hydraulic Institute (HI) has updated the 2004 edition of the ANSI/HI standard on air-operated pumps and published Air-Operated Pumps ANSI/HI 10.1-10.5-2010. The updated standard is for air-operated pumps and includes positive displacement reciprocating pumps used for general liquid transfer. These pumps are usually driven by means of a compressed gas (usually air) from an outside source.

The pump may be designed with a single diaphragm or double diaphragms connected to a reciprocating connecting rod in which one side of the diaphragm is in contact with the liquid being pumped, and the other side is in contact with the compressed gas. The new, 24-page standard includes the following sections: types, configurations and nomenclature; definitions; design and application; and installation, operation and maintenance.

The Hydraulic Institute has also updated the 2004 edition of the ANSI/HI standard on air-operated pump tests and published Air Operated Pump Tests ANSI/HI 10.6-2010. This new standard applies to the test of air-operated pumps.

The standard provides uniform procedures for mechanical and other pump performance testing and for recording of the test results of air-operated diaphragm and bellows pumps. All tests are also based on using water at ambient temperature. The new version of the standard covers the following types of areas: test to demonstrate mechanical integrity when pump is in operation; performance test; noise measurement; hydrostatic testing of pressure-retaining components; and Net Positive Suction Head test.

The following topics are also included in the updated standard: terminology, symbols, definitions, test procedures, test and setup equipment, methods or measurement, and calculations and plotting pump performance.

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