AKRON, OH - Union Process Inc., a manufacturer of particle size reduction and dispersing equipment and related services, has produced a comprehensive video on 11 factors required to select the proper grinding media for an application.

The video takes the viewer through determinations for size, consistency, initial feed size, shape, specific gravity, grinding efficiency, pH, discoloration, contamination, availability and cost.

Union Process President Arno Szegvari described the reason that the company produced the video, "We provide grinding media for the Attritor and small media mills we sell to take full responsibility for the system. We also sell grinding media to people who may have changed what they process or who own other types of mills. We discovered that there was not a good educational video available on all the factors that go into the purchasing decision of which grinding media is best for a particular application. We feel this video fulfills that unmet need to inform the customer about everything they will need to consider to make an informed buying decision."

To view the video, visit the Union Process Web site at www.unionprocess.com/grinding.html.