APPLETON, WI - Encapsys®, the microencapsulation division of Appleton Papers, has entered into an exclusive strategic partnership with Troy Corp., Florham Park, NJ, to develop and supply a microencapsulated biocide to select marketplaces worldwide.

Encapsys scientists relied on an innovative, joint development agreement with Troy to create a custom-formulated microencapsulation system that provides a controlled release mechanism for specialty biocide additives. Through microencapsulation, Encapsys scientists were able to control the antimicrobial activity of a biocide to be used in paints, architectural coatings and mortar formulations.

The microencapsulation process, Microencapsulation, is the process in which solid, liquid or gaseous core materials are encased in “shells” or “capsules” that are one micron to several hundred microns in diameter. Among the many benefits of microencapsulation is the controlled release of a core material.

“We use an open, collaborative approach with our partners that enables us to deliver effective and rapid product innovations that none of us would likely achieve on our own,” said Steve Wilhelms, General Manager of Encapsys. “We relied on the product knowledge and market insight of the Troy team, and they relied on the depth and breadth of our technical expertise to deliver a unique application of microencapsulation technology. And we did so in just 18 months.”

Appleton scientists and engineers started working with microencapsulation in 1954 when the NCR scientists who invented and patented the process approached Appleton to develop a workable microcapular coating that would lead to the introduction of carbonless paper. Appleton scientists have continued to develop and refine microencapsulation technology and explore the potential for microencapsulation to extend to applications beyond carbonless paper. Those efforts have enabled Appleton to develop specific and proprietary product solutions for the consumer products industry, which led to the creation of Appleton’s Encapsys division.