SINGAPORE - Exova, the global testing group, has expanded the services available from its Singapore laboratory to include a number of key coatings tests.

Previously, the Far East lab had specialized in metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, and corrosion testing for metal materials for the oil and gas industries. Now, Exova has made a significant investment in equipment and training to provide a number of key testing capabilities for coatings in Singapore. The new testing is accredited to ISO17025.

The global group’s facility at Salford, UK, a specialist in coatings testing, has assisted with technology transfer, with Terry Haynes, Lynda Barron and John Carter working to create the new opportunity for growth in the Singapore business.

Larry Drake, General Manager of Exova Singapore, said, “It was only natural to add coatings testing capabilities to our core services. This addition enables us to provide a turn-key solution for our clients, which means they can approach us for any number of important testing services. With the careful and highly skilled assistance of the Salford, UK, team, adding these capabilities to our scope of offered services was a smooth process, and we are now in a very strong position to better serve our clients in the Far East.”

The tests available at the Singapore lab include cathodic disbondment, hot water soak, non-destructive measurement of film, impact resistance and penetration resistance of pipeline coatings.