Since 2004, EMB-Technology has been working on the development of machines for powder coating on flat substrates by the EMB (Electro-Magnetic Brush) technique. With this technology it is possible to coat flat substrates of almost any material with a well-controlled and uniform powder coating at relatively high speeds. Aluminum, steel, glass, ceramics, wood, paper and all kind of plastics can be powder coated with EMB.

The availability of this technology can now open up a wide range of new and innovative possibilities for powder coatings. With conventional technologies, the limited thickness control was always an important constraint for the deposition of powders on flat substrates. Now, due to the fact that EMB enables a very even and adjustable coating layer (between 5-120 micron), this constraint for the use of powder will disappear, and powder will find a way to replace more solvent-based coating solutions. This will contribute to a leaner, cleaner and greener planet since the need for solvents and the costs to deal with them will decrease.

Other characteristics of the technology are very useful for numerous applications too (e.g., the coating method is contactless and therefore eliminates any risks for surface defects in the coating). The waste of substrate and powder is virtually nothing because the start and stop behavior of the process requires only a few centimeters substrate, and the process goes without overspray. This makes EMB a very clean process in comparison with conventional (powder) application methods. A job change over to another material, another substrate width and/or another color can be done in minutes, which is a big advantage compared to existing coating processes. Next to this the small footprint of an EMB unit is of importance for integration in existing coating lines. The machine can be realized for material widths from 10 to 1650 mm for both flexible and rigid substrates.

Over the past seven years, the technology has been proven in production environments and further developed. Since February 2011, there is a EMB-Powder coating line available at EMB-Technology in Eerbeek (Netherlands). With this machine the technology and the possibilities can be shown to interested partners. Customer-specific tests can also be executed. A short video impression of the working machine with a start and stop operation can be seen at

In addition to the recent developments made, the company is now searching for  suitable partners that want to implement EMB in their production facility, enabling them to be one step ahead of the competition with regard to solvent-free coatings and the production of innovative products.

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