PITTSBURGH – SSPC announced the approval of a new Commercial/Light Industrial Interest Group Steering Committee by the SSPC Standards Review Committee (SRC). The SRC approved the formation of this special interest group with the intent of broadening SSPC’s focus and outreach in this sector. Ken Trimber, of KTA-Tator Inc., has been appointed chair of the group, whose inaugural meeting is scheduled for October 4, 2011, in Pittsburgh.

The group was created following a request by SSPC members who have an interest in the development of standards and guides for the commercial and light industrial coatings sector. The initial goal of the group will be to address the issues and problems in surface preparation and coatings in those segments.

Attendees at the October meeting will determine the mission, scope and prioritization of topics that the committee will address. Initial discussions will focus on surface preparation standards and guides, paint materials, concrete flooring, air barriers, quality assurance and quality control, the contractor sector with a focus on SSPC’s QP9, and other identified needs.

The meeting will be held October 4 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the headquarters of KTA-Tator Inc., near the Pittsburgh airport. Anyone interested in attending the meeting should contact Karen Cheng atcheng@sspc.org.