A new type of ceramic coating now on the market is not only completely VOC-free, but is also promising to deliver an abrasion-, corrosion-, high-temperature- and chemical-resistant finish that can be applied in a high build, single coat with no primer by a licensed contractor.

Captivated by the possibilities the protective ceramic coating presented, Robbins stayed in touch with its developer, Wilson, NC-based EonCoat LLC, ultimately visiting the plant, participating in testing and providing R&D feedback from the professional paint contractors’ perspective.

“For industrial and commercial customers looking to limit VOCs and HAPs to meet stricter regulation, EonCoat is a proactive way to do so,” says Robbins. “Before the two components are combined in the spray gun, they’re kept separate and, if spilled, are easily cleaned up as mild, non-hazardous substances. After they’re combined, they’re completely consumed and dry within seconds of application. There are no fumes. Contractors could literally spray within 10 feet of someone working in an occupied space with no concern for odor or getting residue on carpet, computers or office furniture.”

One-coat application and minimal prep for the protective ceramic coating can save paint contractors up to 40%, since labor is cut in half and labor is typically about 70% of the cost of painting. Unlike paint, which usually requires a primer coat and two topcoats with at least eight hours drying time between each, the ceramic coating’s natural corrosion protection eliminates the need for a primer and a second topcoat. Because it dries within seconds of exiting the spray nozzle, high build coatings in one coat are possible. This accelerates facility maintenance return to service.

“Since the protective ceramic coating is dry to the touch in seconds, there’s no wait to recoat,” says Robbins. “Contractors can high build exterior or interior surfaces immediately, which can expedite tight customer schedules. That means many coating jobs in occupied areas could get done in a single day or weekend, instead of taking several weekends waiting for multiple coats of primer or paint to dry.”

In contrast to typical paint polymer coatings that sit on top of the substrate, EonCoat bonds through a chemical reaction with the substrate, and slight surface oxidation actually improves the reaction. This makes it virtually impossible for corrosion promoters like oxygen and humidity to get behind the coating the way they can with ordinary paints. The corrosion barrier is covered by a true ceramic shell, which resists fire, water, abrasion, chemicals, corrosion and temperatures up to 1,000 °F.

EonCoat, in fact, has a flame spread rating of zero, which means that flame can be directly exposed to its coated surface and it will not catch fire unless enough heat is generated to make the substrate behind the coating self-ignite.  “The anti-fire, anti-water, anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion benefits of the new protective ceramic coating make it a promising product to use for a host of applications from extending the service life of tanks, machinery, steam pipes and cement floors to serving as slimmer, less-costly alternative to existing bulky firewalls,” says Robbins.

Another plus for contractors is how the protective ceramic coating can be applied on hot or cold surfaces, from 35 ºF to 200 ºF, which, unlike paint, makes it suitable for all-weather application. “If we’re not painting or coating a substrate, we’re not making money,” says Robbins. “Hot or cold weather can halt a paint job; that’s not the case with the protective ceramic coating. It works well in high or low temperature, which means contractors keep working.”

“For a building industry that’s been stuck in neutral for too long, EonCoat is a game-changing building material,” says Robbins. “I’d have trouble believing its properties if I hadn’t seen them myself in hands-on application and testing. It opens possibilities for contractors from new builds, to retrofits, to maintenance in industrial, commercial, and even residential settings. My only concern is that our application of the protective ceramic coating does justice to the product itself. That’s why my company’s staff will get EonCoat-certified as soon as we’re able to.”

EonCoat LLC is offering a comprehensive package of training, equipment, certification, and sales distribution to select domestic and international paint contractors. For more info, call 252-360-3110; email TonyC@EonCoat.com or visit www.eoncoat.com.