Today’s building designers have a new selection of beautiful prepainted metal roofing and wall panel options, including durable “weathered” materials made to resemble aged shingles, clay tiles, wood shakes and more. These “weathered” materials arrive ready to install and can be used for new construction or retrofit directly over existing materials like asphalt roofs.

To create these aged looks, prepainted steel or aluminum is formed into panels or tiles coated with realistic colors and prints. These materials are ideal for most regions and are built to resist corrosion, high temperatures and severe weather. A special topcoat is applied that creates the aged or weathered look.

Aged metal roofing not only looks cool; it stays cool. Coil-coated metal roofing materials can include a topcoat with reflective pigments designed to keep building interiors cooler – reducing energy costs and shrinking the impact of urban heat islands.

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