Development teams at Steuler KCH Materials GmbH (Siershahn, Germany) are using the Kinexus rotational rheometer from Malvern Instruments to help analyze the rheological characteristics of products such as spray coatings. Steuler KCH GmbH is a world leader in the provision of industrial corrosion protection, in the form of mechanically and thermally resistant materials and linings for steel and concrete structures. According to Dr. Daniel Kessler, Head of Research and Development Rubber Linings, “Kinexus helps us to study the rheological properties of our systems analytically and develop future formulations. It allows us to continually improve product quality, leading to a direct saving in time and costs”.

Kinexus is a unique rheometer from Malvern Instruments designed to meet rheology needs across a wide variety of research sectors, industries and application areas. In particular, the rSpace software interface makes Standard Operating procedure (SOP)-driven tests available for the first time on a rheometer platform, to enable robust rheology testing  for users at every level of experience.

Dr. Kessler explains further, “We use the Kinexus system to simulate the complete processing cycle of our products. This ranges from storage stability, such as settling of fillers, through to the actual injection process, which involves high shear rates and shear thinning of the material. It also enables us to analyze the products’ behaviour on the wall, where we can observe flow, rupture strength at constant shear stresses, yield point and build up of homogenous layers.”

“We appreciate the simple implementation of standard tests using the Kinexus and the intuitive design of complex measurement requirements. We also appreciate the outstanding support, and comprehensive advice and training that are available to us from Malvern Instruments.”

Rheology defines the flow of fluids and deformation of solids under applied stresses or strains. An understanding of the rheological properties of materials can help to develop a better product, by improving material formulation and optimizing processability leading to better product performance for customers and consumers.

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