CLEVELAND – Sherwin-Williams announced that its Chemical Coatings Division has been renamed Product Finishes. Following the acquisitions of industrial wood finishing leaders Becker Acroma and Sayerlack in 2010, the newly expanded Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Division now boasts a very strong presence in Europe, adding significant manufacturing and distribution capabilities. These acquisitions also added to the company’s existing infrastructure in China and Asia, doubling its capabilities.

Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Division, with the addition of technical centers, manufacturing facilities and substantial distribution infrastructure around the globe, enables Sherwin-Williams to deliver coatings systems to OEMs and manufacturers quickly and efficiently. The company is now able to combine its expertise with a newly expanded product portfolio with unique coating solutions for a variety of industrial finishing markets.

The Sherwin-Williams Product Finishes Division provides metal-, plastic- and wood-finishing solutions to global brands and OEMs of kitchen cabinets, heavy equipment, wind energy, medical equipment, electronic enclosures, metal building products, wood building products, automotive under hold, metal and wood furniture, military equipment and munitions, and general finishing.