CARY, NC – Arkema has combined the assets of its existing Arkema Emulsion Systems with those recently acquired from TOTAL to form Arkema Coating Resins. With more than 20 coating production facilities, six dedicated R&D labs, and multiple sales and management offices, Arkema Coating Resins is now one of the largest producers of raw materials for coating formulators in the world.

The new business offers chemistries for almost every coating and related industry application, including architectural paints, industrial finishes, powder coatings, construction products, traffic paints, sealants, adhesives, inks and graphic arts products.

The new business offers many different product lines, including water and solvent-based alkyds, polyester resins, powder coating resins, high solid acrylic polyols, additives, and one of the industry’s widest range of waterborne emulsions, including 100 percent acrylic, styrene acrylic, vinyl acrylic, ethylene modified polymers and many others. Additionally, Arkema Coating Resins will be part of a family of Arkema businesses that serve the coatings industry with a comprehensive range of products. This includes products from other business units within Arkema, such as COATEX® rheology modifiers, acrylic monomers, KYNAR® fluoropolymers and Sartomer® photocure resins.

In bringing these business and technology assets together, Arkema Coating Resins offers a different value proposition to the industry – a major raw material supplier that adapts based on formulator and industry needs.