A report on just some of the pigment technology that was on display at the 2011 European Coatings Show.

Color was everywhere at the 2011 European Coatings Show. Following is a report of just some of the pigment technology that was on display.

Merck KGaA showcased fascinating application examples of its effect pigments. Mannequins wore a Uvex helmet glittering with the intense color effects of the Pyrisma® range. These interference pigments are based on natural mica and stand out due to their exceptional color saturation. The Merck stand’s painted wood floor was coated with Colorstream®, an effect pigment with a fascinating color travel effect depending on the angle of viewing. Merck also presented an Audi A7 Sportback painted with “Daytona Gray Pearl Effect”. The intense sparkle of a silver-white pigment of the -Xirallic® range made this coating an eye catcher.

Clariant launched three new Easily Dispersible (ED) pigments for water-based decorative pigment dispersions. This EDW range is a major step towards completion of the whole color circle from yellow to blue for decorative applications. Clariant aims to achieve this target by the beginning of 2012 to offer a full pigment range that includes high-performance organic pigments as well as economic grades. EDW pigments offer a unique approach to simplifying the pigment dispersion process by removing the need for an expensive and time-consuming bead milling step.

Heubach featured HEUCO®FIT, an innovative pigment preparation concept that utilizes the synergies of inorganic and organic pigments, combining high tinting strength, saturation and a broad color range with the highest durability and hiding power. Heubach also introduced VANADUR® 1030, a non-encapsulated grade, green-shade Bismuth Vanadate pigment. HEUCODUR® IR 945 is the new star in Heubach’s IR-reflecting pigments product line. It combines jetness and a neutral color shade in reductions with an extraordinary IR-reflecting ability.

Sudarshan, the largest pigment producer in India, featured its range of organic pigments for the automotive, industrial and decorative coatings markets. Just some of the brands featured included: Sudaperm™, a premium range of the highest performance organic pigments, with technical benefits for the most demanding plastics and coatings applications; Sudafast™, a high-quality range of medium-performance organic pigments; Sudacolor™, a range of organic pigments that provides a combination of quality, value and ease of use; and Sudadur™, a range of traditional inorganic pigments that impart excellent color, durability and coverage for the most demanding applications.

BASF presented Firemist® Velvet Pearl EH 921 (9P130I), a new effect pigment that offers an antique, matte pearl surface, yet with a sharp, clear sparkle that appears only when light hits it at a certain angle. The company also launched new inorganic grades for Luconyl® NG aqueous pigment preparations for architectural coatings. The label-free Luconyl NG range is both VOC- and APEO-free, while also conforming to the GHS 2015 standard. It covers a wide color space and features excellent durability for water-based and solar heat management facade coating systems.

Burgess Pigment featured its OPTIWHITE® calcined aluminum silicate product line. OPTIWHITE is a premium whiteness, flash calcined extender for TiO2, exhibiting excellent GE brightness used extensively in first-line interior/exterior flat or low-sheen water-based and alkyd paint systems.

CPS Color Group Oy announced at the ECS the acquisition of LENTEQ Industries B.V., a specialist provider of dispensing and mixing equipment based in Lisserbroek, the Netherlands. LENTEQ’s strengths in innovative piston pump technology are set to enhance and complete CPS Color’s product portfolio. CPS Color showcased the latest in tinting technology, including its VOC-free colorants. The company’s portfolio also includes waterborne, solvent and low-VOC options.

Nubiola showcased a non-hazardous greenish yellow Bismuth Vanadate and NUBIFER Y-7050, a new heat-resistant yellow iron oxide. In addition, the company featured its range of ultramarines, iron oxides, zinc ferrites, chrome oxide greens, chrome yellows, molybdate oranges and corrosion inhibitors.

The Shepherd Color Co. featured its Arctic® line of infrared-reflecting pigments and Dynamix® stir-in pigments. Arctic infrared-reflective pigments allow for the design of products that remain cool under the sun, without sacrificing color. Dynamix stir-in pigment technology requires only simple mixing. The time it takes to reach complete dispersion will depend upon the intensity of the mixing equipment, but it can be achieved in as little as five minutes.

ECKART presented the next generation of its high-end metal and pearlescent pigments, including IReflex, which contributes to the reduction of heating energy when mixed with conventional interior wall colors due to the heat-reflecting effect of the special off-white aluminum pigment. ECKART also introduced a new quality of silver dollars – SILVERSHINE S-1500. Its fine and homogeneous composition offers bright and chrome-like effects. From the pearlescent pigment series, LUXAN CFX offers robust resistance against weather and condensation, in addition to providing a fascinating sparkle effect. Four pigments have already been launched in the LUXAN CFX series: two silver-white shades, one interference blue tone and a brilliant gold color.