PEABODY, MA - Robert (Chip) Cody, JEOL USA Mass Spectrometry Product Manager, has received the Anachem Award. Cody received the award from the Association of Analytical Chemistry for his contributions to the development of organic mass spectrometry. The award was presented at the Federation of Analytical Chemical and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) meeting in Las Vegas, NV, where Cody gave a plenary lecture.

Five speakers who gave presentations on mass spectrometry topics relevant to his work honored Cody during a special session. Through his inventions and his efforts to commercialize them, Cody has provided the scientific community with new tools to more precisely and efficiently characterize a broad range of materials.

The Anachem Award was established in 1953 and is presented annually to an outstanding analytical chemist. Only a few recipients other than Cody have been from an instrument company.