GENAY, France – Coatex received the Best Coating Raw Materials Environmental Friendly Award at the Green Industrial Coating Asia (GICA) 2011. This year, more than 250 international coatings manufactures and coatings raw materials suppliers gathered at the summit. During the two-day event, Coatex presented how its new eco-friendly coatings additives technologies enable its customers to reduce their environmental impact. A themed presentation, "The importance of the rheological waterborne additives in the low VOC coatings formulations,” was given by Olivier Guerret, Director of Innovation and Development for Coatex group, and Charlie Xiong, General Manager of Coatex Asia Pacific Technical Center.

“It’s our great honor to receive this award. GICA 2011 is a great platform to share our vision of innovation with all participants. Our joint efforts will surely take us to a greener future together,” said Alain Mari, Coatex CEO, after being given the award by Cynthia Arnold, Valspar's Chief Technology Officer.