CEPI (European Industrial Paint Centre) is specialized in the restoration and renovation of wall coatings in laboratories and cleanrooms. It has patented a coating intended to meet the requirements of businesses that use peroxide decontamination. CEPI already works with many world-class laboratories and is planning on expanding into the United States this year.

In most cases, spraying peroxide when decontaminating cleanrooms can cause damage to the paint on the panels and partitions in the rooms. The cracks that subsequently appear in the coating threaten the cleanliness of the environment used for manufacturing products and can be detrimental to their quality.

CEPI has developed a patented coating that is resistant to hydrogen peroxide organic decontamination. It is the only one on the market able to prevent sandwich boards that are being subjected to disinfectant sprays from frittering away, and in guaranteeing a controlled atmosphere over the long term.

CEPI has worked out a lower-cost intervention technique that bypasses the need to disassemble panels and that avoids having to interrupt work in the laboratories being treated. CEPI technology can apply to white rooms and cleanrooms, in negative and positive cold rooms, and in production rooms.

As a member of ASPEC, the French Association for the Prevention and Study of Contamination, CEPI has an approach focused on quality, safety and environmental friendliness.

For more information, e-mail Myriam Moisan at m.moisan@ce-peinture-industrielle.fr or visit www.ce-peinture-industrielle.fr.