Arch Chemicals Inc.'s Coatings Division has announced the launch of the Sayerlack brand as the business' global brand name. The company says the action reflects a plan to enhance the profile of Sayerlack wood-coatings products in the United States and Canada.

The coatings business' market strategy in the United States and Canada reflects a focus on new technologies in waterborne and UV-cure coatings, according to Philip Crouchman, who became general manager of Arch Coatings USA in mid-2003. He said the "positive connotations inherent in the brand's Italian style" are being used to develop polyester and polyurethane products, staining materials and coatings for the furniture-making, luxury-car, boat and picture-framing sectors.

Crouchman says the business is introducing new products and will soon enter the texture-coating exterior market. The business recently unveiled its Dual Cure UV coatings products for the "arte provera" style of furniture.

Arch Coatings says the Sayerlack brand holds the third-largest position in its field in Europe in terms of volume, with sales in 74 countries worldwide. The brand's top national markets are Italy, France and Great Britain, with the United States, Asia and Eastern Europe ranking as the brand's primary growth markets.

Arch Coatings' Technical Centre in Brandenburg, KY, opened in 2002, houses the business' North American R&D Colours Lab, Performance Testing Centre and application facility for roll-coating, spray and UV-curing activities. The company's Coatings Division is headquartered in Pianoro, Italy, and operates business units in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Asia-Pacific.