BASF Coatings has expanded its coatings-manufacturing site in Tultitlan, Mexico, with the addition of a new plant for the production of plastics coatings in batches of less than 520 gallons and a facility to produce mica and aluminum dispersions. The expansion at the site, about 22 miles north of Mexico City, is "an important part of our project for business development in this segment and also for the reinforcement of the Tultitlan location in Mexico," the company says.

"With processes that set the highest standards in productivity and work safety, we create a secure basis to continue to improve our customer focus," says Peter Fischer, general manager of BASF Coatings de Mexico in Tultitlan. In addition to automotive OEM coatings, the Mexican market offers opportunities for growth in coatings for plastics and metal, Fischer says.

BASF Coatings de Mexico is led by "an internationally experienced project team" made up of employees from marketing and sales, operations, and environmental, he adds.