Compressed-Air Vacuum

Industrial vacuum-cleaner manufacturer Nilfisk-Advance America will exhibit its CFM A17 compressed-air vacuum. The powerful vacuum safely collects and retains fine powder pigments from powder coating booths and other areas of the plant where electrical lines are either unavailable or undesirable.

Nilfisk -Advance America 877-215-8322

Booth 1005

Blast Cleaning Machinery

DISA Goff Inc. offers a complete line of abrasive blast-cleaning machinery acceptable for coating removal. DISA Goff's PHC machines blast clean hooks, racks and fixtures on or off-line, following coating or other paint processes.

DISA Goff Inc. 800-654-4633

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Profiling System

EasyTrack is an easy-to-use, rugged, five-channel system with beginner-friendly software. It helps prove a process is within specification and can improve the process, preventing problems in future runs.

DataPaq 978-988-9000

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Paint Room Protective Apparel

Spectra apparel is designed specifically for the paint room and includes a variety of silicone-free garments featuring strategically placed venting, technically advanced fabrics and reinforcement in common bleed-through areas to keep employees cool and clean. Stock garments are available as well as custom-designed products.

White Knight Engineered Products 704-542-6876

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Dry Induction Powder Feeder

Microtrac Inc. will be showing the new Turbotrac dry induction powder feeder for the Microtrac S3500 laser diffraction system. The Turbotrac S3500 system will size dry powders from 0.25 to 1,500 microns. The company provides fast, accurate and repeatable particle-size solutions. Microtrac systems replace sieves, sedimentation and other methods.

Microtrac Inc. 727-507-9770

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UV 3-D Curing System

The Prime UV 3-D cure system allows finishers to provide UV coatings with superior abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and durability. The system cures powder coatings, lacquers and paints immediately, cuts production times, reduces or eliminates VOCs.

Prime UV Systems 630-681-2100

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Pretreatment for Powder Coating

The UniPrep System from Atotech USA, the latest technology in pretreatment before powder coating, eliminates many of the problems associated with conventional iron-phosphate systems.

Atotech USA Inc. 803-817-3500

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Measuring Coating Thicknesses

Oxford Instruments Coating Measurement introduces the CMI120, designed for measuring nonmagnetic coatings on ferrous substrates. The CMI120 is a handheld, full-featured gauge. Measurements through magnetic induction range from 0 to 120 mils. Statistics can be downloaded to a printer or viewed on the display.

Oxford Instruments

Coating Measurement 800-678-1117

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Masking Supplies

Mocap manufactures a full line of vinyl dip-molded and silicone injection molded caps, tips, plugs and custom-molded items. In addition, the company offers tapes and discs made of silicone, polyester and polyamide materials. These materials are used in powder coating, plating, anodizing, wet paint, E-coat and other finishing operations.

Mocap 800-633-6775

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Custom Touch-up Paint

Foxcolor Inc. is a custom-color-matched touch-up paint manufacturer and contract packager. The industrial enamels and lacquers the company produces and those that are supplied by customers can be packaged in convenient 6-ounce or 16-ounce aerosol cans, brush-in-cap bottles or pens.

Foxcolor Inc. 888-233-2240

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Plastic Blast Media

The Maxi-Blast System is safe and simple for paint and coating removal, as well as for many other general nonabrasive cleaning applications. Specially designed for plastic media, the Maxi-Blast System is quick and effective. The operator simply loads parts into the cabinet and directs a high-velocity stream of plastic media onto the parts.

Maxi-Blast Inc. 800-535-3874

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Integrated Finishing Systems Provider

Air Power Inc. is a regional supplier of Gema powder coating technology and a national provider of integrated finishing systems. Exhibits include a Fanuc robot demonstrating the automatic spray process inside a Global Finishing Solutions batch-style powder booth. The cartridge system powder booth includes a state-of-the-art collector module with high-efficiency filters.

Air Power Inc. 800-334-1001

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Gas-Fired Truck Oven

Precision Quincy Corp. will display a standard 74-500 (500°F) gas-fired truck oven with insulated floor, cart guide tracks and full horizontal air flow. The company also offers new, heavy-duty custom batch ovens available in back-mount or top-mount heat chambers, gas or electric. They can be equipped with manual conveyor cut-outs above the access doors.

Precision Quincy Corp. 800-338-0079

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Air Knife and Blower Packages

Complete air knife and blower packages are available from Spraying Systems Co. The new packages provide everything needed for a custom dry-off system-blowers, air knives, hoses, manifolds, relief valves and mounting adapters. Each package provides high-performance Windjet Air Knives and a clean, heated, energy-efficient air source.

Spraying Systems Co. 630-665-5201

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Testing Services

ACT Laboratories has one of the industries' most-extensive facilities for providing test panels and testing services. Capabilities include fabrication of test panels from a wide variety of metals and plastics, application of pretreatments and paint systems, and a wide range of testing services, including performance of paint, plastic, textiles and metals.

ACT Laboratories 517-439-1485

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Custom Coating Services

The Crown Group is a custom coater offering a wide variety of technologies including Class A powder coating, wet-spray coatings, including basecoat/clearcoat technologies and basic electrocoating. These services are provided through multiple locations in the Midwest and South.

The Crown Group 586-575-9800

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Chrome-Free Products

Bulk Chemicals Inc. develops, manufactures and markets metal pretreatment chemicals. The company's patented E-CLPS chrome-free products are used extensively in the aluminum extrusion industry. It has a full line of metal pretreatment chemistries, including iron and zinc phosphates, chrome-free finals seals, cleaners, lubricants and other products.

Bulk Chemicals 800-338-2855

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Phosphate Products

Milanco will be featuring iron phosphate, zinc phosphate and manganese phosphate products. The iron phosphates include molybdate-free formulas, no-rinse spray-wand formulas and a wipe-on cleaner phosphate. The product line includes low-temperature and conventional formulas. A complete line of wastewater-treatment chemicals and equipment will also be shown.

Milanco 800-951-0180

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Air-Powered Vacuums

Nortech air-powered vacuums are designed specifically for heavy-duty industrial cleaning and material handling. A vacuum of up to three times that developed by conventional motor-driven machines is created by means of a simple venturi system. With no electric motor or moving parts to wear, many years of trouble-free service are assured.

Nortech Vacuum Products 201-445-6900

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Self-Cleaning Compressed-Air Vacuum

The new Xtract MAX compressed-air vacuum combines up to 45 gallons of usable storage and suction with 99% filtration efficiency (down to 0.5 microns) and pushbutton pulse jet filter cleaning. Units are available in three different sizes and power levels. Use existing plant air to create a versatile vacuum cleaner that's effective for even super-fine powders.

Industrial Air Solutions Inc. 877-844-3293

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Premium Conversion Coating Process

Houghton Metal Finishing announces a new series of products that enable industrial painters to achieve superior paint adhesion, excellent corrosion resistance, and heavier, more-uniform coatings on metal parts and surfaces. The Houghto-Prep series is a premium conversion coating process that is a viable alternative to zinc phosphate.

Houghton Metal Finishing 770-753-4892

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