Automatic Gravity Filtration System

Serfilco's Gravity Filtration System is totally automatic and responds to wide variations in flow rate and solids concentration. Models are available in a range of sizes and materials of construction to meet varying application requirements. The filters will separate solids from liquids at the lowest possible cost using automatically indexed disposable media.

Serfilco 800-323-5431

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Hybrid Radiant Tube Burn-Off System

ACE Equipment Co. will demonstrate the new Hybrid Radiant Tube Burn-Off oven system, which provides an efficient, uniform way to clean paint racks, hooks, fixtures and reject parts. Temperature uniformity of plus or minus 10° is achieved and there are no hot or cold spots throughout the oven chamber. Other advantages include fast cycle times, quick energy transfer compared with convection-only ovens, minimal maintenance and durability.

ACE Equipment Co. 800-255-1241

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HDLV Automatic Powder Spray Gun

The lightweight, contoured Prodigy automatic powder spray gun is designed for precision dispensing with HDLV (high-density powder, low-volume air) technology. HDLV dense phase powder transport means more powder with less air to propel, resulting in more powder on the part and high transfer efficiency.

Nordson Corp. 800-626-8303

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New Coating Thickness Gauge

DeFelsko Corp. announces the new PosiTest DFT coating thickness gauge. Available in two models, Ferrous for steel or Combo for all metals, the PosiTest DFT is an economical choice that provides the proven quality of DeFelsko inspection instruments. Fast, repeatable measurements and no calibration required for most applications.

De Felsko Corp. 800-448-3835

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Durable Touch-Up Paint

Raabe Corp. is introducing Precision Color Premium. This extended durability product is designed to provide superior weathering characteristics compared with other standard touch-up paints. Side-by-side tests indicate Precision Color Premium retains its color and gloss a minimum of 1.5 to 2 times longer when exposed to identical conditions, the company says.

Raabe Corp. 800-966-7580

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Heat Cleaning Oven

Guspro Inc. will display its Heat Cleaning Oven, which provides safe, effective cleaning of hooks, racks, fixtures and reject parts quickly and easily. Features include a powerful, heavy-duty oxidizer, uniform heat, fast cycle times and heavyweight construction for long service life.

Guspro Inc. 888-648-7776

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Three-Stage Pretreatment System

Pressure Island's Low Profile 3-Stage Pretreatment Washbay, designed for powder and surface-coating preparation, features a more efficient tank design that allows for reducing chemical, water and energy use; programmable logic control of chemical balance, water temperature, auto fill and start/stop times; a low-profile deck height; and pressurized fresh water rinse.

Pressure Island 888-334-7327

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Powder Thickness Gauge

The Elcometer 550 powder thickness gauge uses a novel, noncontact measurement technique based on a high-frequency ultrasonic transducer to predict the final cured thickness of uncured powder coatings on a range of substrates. Fully portable, the gauge is easy to use and provides accurate and quick measurements.

Elcometer 800-521-0635

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Gun, Control Unit and Pump System

ITW Gema will spotlight the OptiSystem, which includes the OptiGun Automatic Spray Gun with integrated cascade power supply and sealed gun-body design, the OptiTronic Control Unit with patented stepper motor, and the OptiFlow Pump for uniform powder delivery.

ITW Gema 317-298-5072

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Special-Effect Products

Blaze-Illusion decorative powder coatings are formulated in polyester resin systems for exterior durability. This new line of special-effect products are affected greatly by light source and positioning of the part being coated. Blaze-Illusion coatings are designed to be applied as one-coat systems and may exhibit different degrees of metallic effect based upon spray gun tips used.

DuPont Powder Coatings

USA Inc. 713-939-4000

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Quick-Change Nozzles

Uni-Spray Systems will showcase its expanded line of "Quick Change" nozzles. These nozzles allow the tips to be changed quickly by hand and automatically returned to the same orientation as the removed tip. This ensures that the spray pattern remains consistent and targeted to the areas of need. The company's line of tips is available in a standard poly-propylene-based material as well as PVDF.

Uni-Spray Systems 877-236-0204

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