Paul N. Gardner Co., Inc.: The EHC Series portable, digital, hand-held ultrasonic thickness gages are designed to measure the remaining wall thickness of primarily steel structures with or without coatings using an echo to echo feature from .0008 to 20 in. (.20 to 508 mm), depending on the probe. A transducer attendant informs the operator of when to replace the transducer, and an illuminating keypad with a vibrating alarm provides easy to view go/no-go readings tied to color. The EHC-09B is the basic model designed to make reliable, accurate thickness readings on mostly steel structures with access to only one side. The ECH-09 is the mid-range model combining the most commonly used features in a thickness gage not requiring a data logger. And the EHC-09DL is the top-of-the-line model offering all the same features of the EHC-09 plus a flexible datalogger, B-Scan and Echo to Echo. Call 954.946.9454 or