Summer 2000 Vol. 2, No. 2

Extruder Offers Low-Torque Compounding
The Compex Multi-Process Compounder is designed for the low-torque mixing of powder coating formulations. It is available in screw diameters from 25 to 85 mm. Nonintermeshing and back-flow elements work together to thoroughly mix polymers. The smooth, continuous torque minimizes shear force and allows gentle and uniform incorporation of additives and temperature-sensitive materials.
Berstorff Corp.

Extruder Features Side-Feed System
The PCS extruder for powder coating manufacturing incorporates a side-feed system that optimizes feeding of premix, fines and rework. It is available in 8 L/D and 11 L/D working lengths and five screw diameters ranging from 46 to 140 mm. Users benefit from the extruder's wide processing window, increased screw speed, good thermal control and high throughput rates.
Buss America Inc.

Pigments for Easy Bonding
Afflair PC DB and PC S pearlescent Lustre pigments are designed for dry-blending into pigmented powder coatings. They reduce or eliminate problems in dispersion, separation, buildup, and puffing and spitting. The PC S pigments are specially treated for use in bonding processes. They offer superior leafing, leveling and flow properties; good luster and color; re-duced pigment loading; and easy bonding.
EM Industries Inc.

Specialty Pigments Produce Glitter Effect
Firemist special-effect glass flake pigments add a brilliant glitter to coatings. This line of titanium dioxide-coated borosilicate flakes provides excellent chroma, color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity. The glass in the pigments promotes light penetration, building a sense of depth. Multicolored effects can be created by blending the pigments.
Engelhard Corp.

In-line Classifier Obtains High Yields
The MikroCut classifier can be installed as a stand-alone classifier or in-line for process integrated operation in the removal of fine particles while obtaining a higher yield of final product. Fines content of 25 to 30% less than 10 µm by volume are reduced to approximately 8 to 10% with a course material yield of 85 to 95%, resulting in lower operating costs and reduced waste. It is available for feed rates from 60 to 3,500 pounds per hour.
Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

Degassing Agent Enhances Color Stability
Powdermate 542DG degassing agent provides good debubbling coupled with improved resistance to discoloration in all standard powder coating resin systems. It protects clear- and light-color systems from yellowing under all curing conditions.
Troy Corp.