Product Innovations

Gas-Fired Batch Ovens

Col-Met's 500°F gas-fired Powder Cure Batch Ovens are available in standard cataloged sizes with interiors ranging from 150-2,880 cubic feet. Larger ovens are available by custom quote. The ovens contain a digital temperature controller, 12-hour batch timer, main line disconnect, air proving switches for critical doors and a limit switch on product doors for cycle timers. They comply with all NEC, OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Col-Met Spray Booths Inc. 888-452-6684

Adhesion Tester for All Substrates

The DeFelsko PosiTest Pull-Off Adhesion Tester now enables coating inspectors to measure adhesion of coatings on metal, concrete, wood and other substrates easily and effectively. The use of hydraulic pressure and a self-aligning dolly measures the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate, while ensuring uniform pull distribution on both smooth and uneven coating surfaces. The portable, hand-operated unit is ideal for use in the lab and on-site. The PosiTest Adhesion Tester measures the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure. Available in three models, the PosiTest Adhesion Tester measures from 0 to 3,100 PSI (0 - 21 Mpa).

DeFelsko Corp. 800-448-3835

Special-Effect Pigments for Automotive Coatings

Engelhard has introduced two new effect pigments for makers of automotive coatings that provide higher color purity and clarity than traditional pearlescent pigments. Exterior Lumina Pearl Radiance and Exterior Lumina Brass pigments are mica-based and feature increased chromaticity at the reflection angle. The Lumina colors family also includes gold, red, green, turquoise, aqua-blue and red-blue interference colors. Exterior Lumina Pearl Radiance is a blue-shade white pigment with increased reflectivity and brightness. Exterior Lumina Brass is a non-metallic effect pigment that brings a luxurious, metallic gold effect. Exterior Lumina colors contain Engelhard's proprietary CFS chrome-free treatment, required in automotive applications and other outdoor applications. This technology improves humidity and adhesion resistance in waterborne coatings and chip resistance in solventborne coatings. The CFS chrome-free treatment also improves application properties in powder coatings.

Engelhard Corp. 732-205-5000

High-Pressure Pumps for Abrasive Coatings

Nordson has introduced PermaFlo, a new series of high-pressure pumps. These pumps are designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of pumping today's more abrasive, higher-solids coatings to meet a wide range of pressure and volume requirements. Plungers and housings of the Nordson PermaFlo pumps feature a patented ScoreGuard wear-resistant coating that provides superior performance and toughness over other coatings used in wear applications. Quick-disconnect features between the air motor and hydraulic section, and adjustable upper packings give control to the end-user to achieve longer service life and avoid unplanned downtime. The PermaFlo air motor is designed to provide rapid shifts at the end of each stroke, without ice buildup that can block flow passages and stall the pump. The pump has all-pneumatic switching features, which eliminates exterior pinch points on the pump to provide improved operator safety.

Nordson Corp. 800-955-9563

Automotive Clearcoat With Long-Term Durability

PPG introduces CeramiClear clearcoat, the first automotive clearcoat to use nanoparticle technology for improved long-term vehicle gloss and durability. CeramiClear clearcoat is the final OEM coating applied to a vehicle to protect the color coat. The patented nanoparticle technology creates a highly crosslinked network at the surface of the coating for superior resistance to scratches and mars, as well as damage caused by day-to-day use, car washes and environmental hazards such as acid rain and tree sap. Testing has shown that after several months of weathering and passes through car washes, CeramiClear clearcoat retained more than 80% of its gloss appearance.

PPG Industries 412-341-7475

Paint Overspray System

Chemco's newest paint overspray system helps increase the quality of the coating process. This specialty paint arrestor is an ideal solution for paint sprayers with demands for less-frequent change-outs and high filtration efficiency. Its progressively dense fiberglass weave rivals multilayer paper and paper-poly filters in minimizing face loading. The specifically formulated synthetic scrim backing captures up to 99.91% of overspray. MaxGuard promotes a high-quality finish of the final product and may reduce rework or rejects. In MaxGuard Overspray Collectors, larger particulates are trapped in the looser textured fibers of the filter surface; finer particles are captured as the weave becomes smaller and more bundled. Meanwhile, airflow to the spray booth remains consistent, minimizing booth shutdowns and exhaust system maintenance. MaxGuard is available in 100 pads per carton, 200-foot-long rolls or custom cut to any size specification.

Chemco Manufacturing Co. Inc. 800-211-3066

High-Quality Test Charts

Byko-charts have recently been introduced by BYK-Gardner as high-quality test charts. These charts have extremely consistent L*a*b* values along with superior blocking resistance, as well as moisture and warp resistance. In addition, the gloss values will always stay the same, no matter the form or the lot number. Byko-charts are available in many different forms and styles, including opacity, penopac, opacity/display, spreading rate, display and plain white charts.

BYK-Gardner USA 800-343-7721

Automatic Powder Application

The Optisystem is the latest offering from ITW Gema, improving control of the automatic application of powder. Like its manual-gun counterpart, Easysystem, the Optisystem improves profitability by making an operation more efficient. With proven digital technology, Optisystem offers precision and more uniform film thickness, resulting in lower operating costs.

ITW Gema 800-628-0601

Lower-Cure Powder Coatings

Low Energy (LE) Polyester products from DuPont Powder Coatings are formulated in TGIC-Polyester, thermoset powder coating systems and are designed to cure at substrate temperatures of 300°F (149°C) for 10 minutes. This new line of powder coatings offers the same smoothness, weathering and durability as regular cure products, but allows considerable energy savings due to lower oven temperatures. These coatings are available in any color and gloss range from 70 units and higher and exhibit excellent physical properties.

DuPont Powder Coatings USA 800-247-3886

Expendable Plug Line

Epsi's easy-to-use and economical Expendable Plug line helps solve many common masking applications problems. The plugs are designed to fit easily into various tube sizes and expand with a flip of the handle. Once engaged, the plug will prevent liquid, gases, moisture, dust and steam from entering the hole. These plugs are durable, with a temperature range from minus 70ºF to 600ºF. Due to the sealing capabilities of the Expendable Plugs, they are excellent for E-coating, painting, powder coating, plating and washing. The exchangeable components allow for easy and economical replacement after repeated uses. Precious time will be saved due to their ease of use and implementation. The Epsi Expendable Plug line is available in standard and metric sizes.

EPSI 800-275-3774

Custom Pumping Solutions

Netzsch Nemo pumps offer the largest variety of custom-configured pumping solutions, ranging in size from the industry's smallest metering pumps to high volume pumps. Every Nemo Progressing Cavity Pump can be assembled using a modular system. A choice of different materials of construction, stators, universal joints, housings and seals is incorporated into this modular system. For installation space limitations, Nemo Pumps can be assembled in Piggyback, L-frame, and Inline belt and drive arrangements. Nemo also supplies a complete series of close-coupled pumps ideal for a wide variety of applications where cost effectiveness is paramount, installation space is limited and delivery is critical. With output capacities ranging from 0.022 to 2,150 gpm, Nemo Pumps have pressure capabilities up to 1,000 psi.

Air-Purge Spray Gun

A key consideration for users who spray fast-set plural-component materials, such as polyurea, is gun maintenance. Graco makes quick and easy maintenance a reality with the Fusion plural-component air-purge spray gun. Designed specifically for polyurea, sprayers can easily disassemble and clean the Fusion without any tools, ensuring proper material application and productive uptime. The Fusion's adjustable tip air-blast cleaning feature reduces tip clogging and downtime. In addition, the Quick-shot grease port shortens end-of-day maintenance time and eliminates the need to take the gun apart for cleaning. The lightweight, ergonomic design of the Fusion reduces the risk of operator fatigue, while the four-position fluid manifold and two-position air-power inlet provide application flexibility and comfort. The Fusion's TurboMix chambers also ensure mix and coating quality with a swirling direct-impingement design that produces a round or flat spray pattern with less overspray.

Graco Inc. 877-844-7226

Repair and Patching Compound

Lab-metal, a single-component aluminum-loaded repair and patching compound, is now available in caulking tubes. Lab-metal requires no two-part mixing and hardens (by exposure to air) into a sandable, grindable and tappable metal. The dent filler withstands temperatures up to 350ºF (or one-time exposures to 425ºF). The ready-to-use metal putty replaces body fillers, latex and silicone caulks, which cannot take extreme heat. Its high-temperature companion, Hi-Temp Lab-metal, withstands temperatures up to 1,000ºF after the air-dried product is heat-hardened.

Alvin Products Inc. 978-975-4580

High-Temperature Vent Cap

Shercon has developed the Vent Cap for whenever a hollow tube end needs to be capped and is subjected to high temperatures in the oven cycle. Normally, heat will cause trapped air to expand and build pressure, sometimes causing the cap to come off. The Shercon Vent Cap has an air tunnel incorporated inside the cap to direct the pressurized air into a predetermined venting area. Once the cap releases the air pressure, it reverts back to its original form to securely mask a part. The one-piece cap squeezes onto the part, ensuring a tight seal during E-coat submersion or powder application.

Shercon Inc. 800-955-8988

Horizontal Eco Filter

Russell Finex has introduced a new Horizontal Filter, which offers even easier operation and maintenance along with the same high operating performance in terms of improved product quality, increased capacity and reduced maintenance as the award-winning Eco Self Cleaning Filter. The major benefit of the filter is the ability to dismantle and re-assemble the machine for screen change, product changeover and cleaning by one person without the need for tools. The Horizontal Filter is set apart from other filters due to the unique SprioKlene assembly, which provides continuous cleaning of the entire inner surface of the screen. The spiral positively drives overspray away from the filtration area, maintaining consistent flow rates while keeping the differential pressure low. This unique feature allows the filter to be used both horizontally as well as vertically.

Russell Finex Inc. 704-588-9808

Enviro-line Masking Products

Mighty Hook Inc. introduces its high-temp Enviro-line masking products for economical and environmentally friendly masking and protective packaging applications. The Enviro-line caps, plugs and sleeves are manufactured from high-grade virgin and recycled paper blend. They are able to withstand 420ºF (208ºC) continuously in convection and infrared ovens making them a perfect choice for most powder and liquid coating applications. These durable, reusable and recyclable masking products are offered at significantly lower cost than silicone and EPDM masking products. In addition, Enviro-line paper products offer excellent low-cost protective packaging possibilities.

Mighty Hook Inc. 773-278-0801

Ultra-Low-VOC Polyester Coatings

Sherwin-Williams has developed a new ultra-low VOC polyester baking enamel that emits less than 1.0 pound of VOC per gallon, allowing metal finishers to dramatically cut their VOC emissions without expensive equipment purchases. New Permaclad ultra-low-voc polyester baking enamel meets the strict performance requirements of the office-furniture market, with low film build, reclaimability, superior one-coating hiding and excellent hardness and resistance to marring. The coating is designed for various metal-finishing applications, including metal office furniture, and is available in a full range of colors and glosses. It may be applied with heat or reduction using exempt solvents with conventional or electrostatic handgun, disc or bell spray equipment. The finish features excellent electrostatic spray properties and exhibits very good flow and leveling characteristics.

The Sherwin-Williams Co. 800-524-5979

Two-Quart Pressure Cup

C.A.Technologies introduces the Bandit 2 Quart and 2 Quart Agit pressure cup. Nothing was spared to make this a rugged, user-friendly, priced-right two-quart. Features include stainless-steel fittings and rigid plastic liner. Also featured is a quick-release band clamp that seals 360 degrees. There are no threads to stick, and turning only one knob attaches a cover to the cup. The wide-mouth lid allows quick clean and fill, while the pass-through regulator with lock provides precise control of fluid pressures. The Agit Bandit has the above-mentioned features and stainless-steel propeller and shaft. Both Bandits come set up to spray waterborne as well as solventborne material. The Bandit is 100% U.S. made.

Coating Atomization Technologies 888-820-4498

Multicolor Effect Pigments

EMD Chemicals introduces the newest addition to its Colorstream product line, Arctic Fire. This new multicolor effect pigment demonstrates a color change from subtle turquoise to brilliant silver to metallic red, depending on the angle of observation. The transparent properties of Colorstream T10-02 Arctic Fire allow for it to be used in conjunction with organic and inorganic colorants, as well as other effect pigments, providing unlimited styling possibilities in plastics, printing and coating applications.

EMD Chemicals 888-367-3275

Flexible Viscometer

Brookfield recently introduced the new and improved CAP 2000+ Viscometer, a flexible R&D instrument with excellent quality control testing capabilities. The CAP 2000+ Viscometer offers a viscosity range from 5 to 1,000 Poise, lower shear rates from 10 sec-1 to 13,000 sec-1, and an expandable temperature range from 5ºC to 235ºC. The redesigned CAP 2000+ also features a simpler, user-friendly interface and a space-saving smaller footprint. The open-access configuration makes sample prep and cleanup simple and quick. The CAP 2000+ can operate in stand-alone mode or under PC control. With Brookfield's CapCalc software, the CAP 2000+ Viscometer provides detailed sample analysis with data in both tabular and graphical format.

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories 800-628-8139

Self-Adhesive Indicator Tags

Teletemp Corp. offers WarmMark Time-Temp Tags that monitor warming temperatures of refrigerated products during shipping and storage. Response temperatures and run-out times (length of exposure time to a certain temperature) vary with each WarmMark product. When warmed above the tag's rated temperature, the three indicating windows will turn progressively red. The permanent color movement through the windows indicates the duration above the rated temperature and/or extreme temperature spikes. The higher the exposure temperature is above the response temperature, the faster the color moves through the windows. The color movement slows and stops if the ambient temperature cools below the response temperature. The tags are 1.81 inch by 0.75 inch by 0.06 inch and are accurate to ±1º C.

Teletemp Corp. 800-321-5160

Improved Painting Robot System

Fanuc Robotics has introduced its new patent pending P-500 Painting System, designed specifically for automotive exterior painting. The P-500 is an electric servo-driven robot offering a combination of features that provide significant performance benefits, including maximum application flexibility, durability and easy operation and maintenance. The P-500 is capable of handling the most difficult painting tasks, including solventborne and waterborne metallic basecoat applications. The P-500 easily handles hard-to-reach areas such as waterfalls, tailgates and rocker panels. The design of the robot also allows users to achieve higher throughput in less booth space, which reduces capital and operating costs. The P-500 is for new or existing automotive paint shops. The P-500 System is designed for operation in Class I, II, and III, Division 1, Groups C, D, E, F, G Hazardous Locations and has FM and CE certifications.

Fanuc Robotics America Inc. 800-477-6268