Wet Paint Solubilizer/Remover

FO3011 is a solvent-based blend specifically formulated as a more user and environmentally friendly replacement for MEK and other highly hazardous and flammable ketones commonly used for removing wet and uncured paints and coatings. FO3011 has no SARA Title III-313 or CERLA reportables and is a non-red label product with a flashpoint of 110°F, which is 89°F higher than MEK and also higher than other ketones. For best results when using the product, it is recommended that it be used in a pump/flush application during color changes and general wet paint line cleaning and coating removal. It is designed to remove wet paint and uncured solvent-based paints and coatings from paint pan receptacles, application rollers, pumps, paint lines and other industrial paint line and coating equipment. FO3011 can be re-distilled for future use, providing cost efficiency.

Fine Organics Corp.

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Booth Exhaust Filter

Supra D is designed for fast drying, "dusty" overspray collection. Developed through close customer interaction, the filter offers high holding capacity and high arrestance efficiency to offer help lower customers' operating costs for their primers, washcoats, glazes, lacquers and stains. Filter is expected to result in better filtration and collection, especially for automotive and woodworking applications.

Columbus Industries



Automatic Spray Guns

MAG HVLP Automatic Airspray Gun (shown in the next column on the left) and the MAG AA Automatic Air Assisted Airless Spray Gun (right) offer high transfer efficiency in a manifold mount, for quick and easy reconfiguration. Both are suitable for multi-gun finishing equipment such as rotary machines, reciprocators, or fixed chain-on-edge systems in high production environments. MAG HVLP Model is designed to provide superior transfer efficiency and accuracy in compliance with regulations for air quality. An HVLP-compliant version of the MAG AA Model also is available.