Coating2003 Exhibitor Highlights

Rack and Tip Designs

In our repertoire of rack and tip designs, we have increased our capabilities to provide our customers with the flexibility of adjustable racks. We have utilized all sizes and shapes of rack and tip materials to manufacture generic and custom racking that is used in the coating industry.

Booth 2241

Associated Rack Corp


Turnkey Systems

Classifier Milling Systems offers savings plus a worry-free process warrantee. From spare parts to complete turnkey systems, its advanced technology and vast experience in the powder coating industry bring quality that can be trusted. CMS can assist in all aspects of international and domestic processing plants nationwide.

Booth 720

Classifier Milling Systems


Spray and Recovery System

The Nordson ColorMax powder spray and recovery system is designed for quick 10-to-25-minute color change. Now available with new Apogee canopy technology, the ColorMax system minimizes powder-in-process, promotes easy booth cleaning and provides better overall system efficiency.

Booth 1017

Nordson Corp.


Metal Finishing Suppliers Association

The Metal Finishing Suppliers’ Association represents professional interests of chemical suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and organizations that provide design and consulting services to all facets of the surface finishing industry. Since 1925 MFSA has promoted the industry by furthering the welfare of suppliers, their customers and the public.

Booth 1605



Gas-Fired Spray Booths

Col-Met’s 500°F gas-fired powder cure batch ovens are available in standard cataloged sizes with interiors ranging from 150 to 2,880 cubic feet. Larger ovens are available by custom quote. The ovens contain a digital temperature controller, 12- hour batch timer, main line disconnect, air proving switches for critical doors and a limit switch on product doors for cycle timers. They comply with all NEC, OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Booth 312

Col-Met Spray Booths


Overspray System

Chemco’s newest paint overspray system helps increase the quality of your coating process. This specialty paint arrestor is an ideal solution for paint sprayers with demands for less-frequent change-outs and high filtrations efficiency. Its progressively dense, fiberglass weave rivals multilayer paper and paper-poly filters in minimizing face loading. By providing superior filtration, MaxGuard promotes a high quality finish of the final product and may reduce rework or rejects.

Booth 839

Chemco Manufacturing Co.



The Chemical Coaters Association International will have membership information, training manuals, newsletters and chapter information from the organic finishing industry’s leading educational association. Visit CCAI’s Sports Caf?nd pick up a scorecard to be registered to win two tickets for professional sporting events.




Iron Phosphate

Houghton International will be promoting its user-friendly iron phosphate, which operates at very low temperatures and produces less sludge than similar products. It has been tried and proven at dozens of user locations.

Booth 935

Houghton International


Turnkey Manufacturing

Bethel Engineering and Equipment Inc. will display photos and literature on its products. Bethel Engineering is a turnkey manufacturer of electrocoat and powder coating systems. It designs every job from the ground up with the customers’ needs and requests engineered into each system.

Booth 301

Bethel Engineering


Pretreatment and Ovens

Therma-Tron-X is a manufacturer of complete electrocoating, powder and liquid coating systems, including custom-designed spray/immersion phosphating pretreatment and high efficiency ovens. PLC controlled systems feature high capacity power and free, I-beam monorail or patented SlideRail Square Transfer conveyors. Water and wastewater treatment equipment is available from TTX Environmental.

Booth 1128



Electric IR Ovens

Fostoria Industries is exhibiting the latest in efficient, hi-heat, low-maintenance electric infrared oven systems that can provide greater throughput, reduced energy and equipment costs, and repeatable results in your paint and powder curing operations; or for water dry-off, de-hydrating or preheating applications.

Booth 1925

Fostoria Industries


Modular Buildings

PPI Modular Structures Inc. is a modular structures construction company that provides modular and premanufactured buildings. PPI manufactures environmental rooms, mezzanine structures, storage buildings, portables, classrooms, communications shelters, guardhouses, kiosks, mobile office trailers, smoking shelters and more.

Booth 838

PPI Modular Structures


Inspection Instruments

DeFelsko Corp. is a manufacturer of coating thickness gages and inspection instruments, including the PosiTector 6000 and Positector 100 series of coating thickness gages. Also, featured are the PosiTest Adhesion Tester, PoisTector Dew Point Meter to measure and record climatic parameters and the new PosiTector Ultrasonic Thickness Gage for measuring remaining wall thickness.

Booth 1719

DeFelsko Corp.


Rack Hang Tooling

AP Conveyor specializes in part or rack hang tooling that can boost profits. Featured at Coating 2003 will be a scaled monorail utilizing the company’s Angle Pivot Tool, which allows parts or racks to be spaced within one or two inches of each other on lines with inclines and declines, and other products. Potential users will be offered a free trial on their production line of any of these tools.

Booth 1147

AP Conveyor


Industrial Vacuums

Nortech Corp. will display and demonstrate compressed air powered industrial vacuum cleaners equipped for the coating industry. These vacuums use no electricity and have no moving parts, for long life and trouble-free service. They are supplied with accessories most often requested by the industry at a special package price.

Booth 621

Nortech Corp.


Nozzle Assembly

Spray Systems Co. has added a new double clamp nozzle assembly to its Quick-Connect Nozzle System. The double clamp assembly features the same easy, no-tool installation of the single clamp, but the extra clamping force handles pressures up to 150 psi. The new assembly also features inlet designs that accommodate 21/32 and 9/16 drilled pipe.

Booth 516

Spraying Systems Co.


Industrial Coatings

The Sheboygan Paint Co. supplies industrial liquid and powder coatings that are custom formulated to meet exact needs and requirements. Sheboygan Paint continues to expand upon multiple technology platforms for coating of wood, metal and plastic, enabling the supply of cost-effective, high-performance products and solutions.

Booth 426

Sheboygan Paint Co.


High Intensity Burners

Maxon Corp.’s RadMax burner delivers uniform, high-intensity radiant energy with radiant face temperatures from 1,050 to 1,650?F. No tools are required for routine burner maintenance due to the stainless steel tile retainer’s spring clip design. Simple, reliable ignition and flame detection are accomplished through the burner’s direct spark/flame sensing port.

Booth 1306

Maxon Corp.


Rapid Drying

Optimum Air Corp.’s patented no-heat technology dries waterborne coatings (paints, sealers, adhesives and water washes) fast and efficiently. The Rapid Dry unit will lower your energy costs while maintaining consistent dry times, regardless of the season. Our units are ideal for large heat sink products or sensitive substrates.

Booth 1713

Optimum Air Corp.


Coating Process Control

Elcometer is an innovator in the field of inspection and physical test equipment. It specializes in the design and manufacture of a complete range of instrumentation and test methods for coating process control, providing a full range of products and services. Elcometer is fully accredited to the ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 standards.

Booth 1911



Bio-oxidation Technology

PPG’s Greencell bio-oxidation technology for VOC and odor abatement can save 35% on capital costs and up to 60% on operational costs compared to thermal oxidation technologies. The environmentally friendly Greencell system provides high destruction efficiencies, produces no combustion by-products (NOx), and requires less maintenance than thermal systems.

Booth 2031

PPG Industries


Metal Pretreatment

Plaforization, the waterless room-temperature pretreatment process, cleans phosphates and seals metal surfaces in a single step. It creates no water or solid waste. Parts may be dipped or sprayed. Never change the bath. May be used for steel, galvanized aluminum, cast iron and most other metals.

Booth 417

Carpenter Chemicals


Multiple Coatings

Apollo Coating Technologies offers novel waterborne coatings technologies for plastic (PP, TPO, PVC, ABS, PC, polystyrene and PU), building materials coatings (floor care, antigraffiti, and traffic marking paints), industrial coatings (dipping primers, anticorrosion coatings and blue hammertone), automotive coatings, wood coatings and customer formulations.

Booth 1717

Apollo Coating Technologies Inc.


Air-Assisted Airless

SATA presents a new line of 14:1, 32:1 air-assisted airless and 3:1 or 3.5:1 low-pressure pumps. All versions are delivered with stainless-steel fluid passages and are modular with choice of mobile cart, floor stand, pail mount or wall mount. Options include dual gun connectors and high-pressure filter.

Booth 1604

SATA Spray Equipment/ Dan-Am Co.


Vacuum Coating

SVC will offer educational guides to vacuum coating processing, conference proceedings, DC-ROM; and other literature on membership, educational programs, 47th SVC Annual Technical Conference in Dallas. Vacuum coated samples will be displayed. Consultants will be available to answer questions.

Booth 1501

Society of Vacuum Coaters


2-K Closed-Loop System

The Smart 2-K System is a complete two-component closed-loop ratio controller. Three operating modes allow closed-loop rate and ratio control of A & B components, ratio control of B slaved to A, or manual control of fluid pressure. Outputs provide alarm indication of ratio, flow and pot life. Each system has two flow meters, I/P converters, mix-manifold and flow-regulating valves.

Booth 1829

AW Co.


Conveyor Brushes Reduce Rejects

The Mighty Lube enclosed track conveyor brushes clean the chain and the inside of the rail on enclosed track conveyors. The conveyor cleaners are easy to install and maintain. Major benefits include reduced rejects and improved grounding for better paint coverage. Models available for virtually all enclosed track conveyors.

Booth 1543

Mighty Lube


UV Dryer

The Nova Roller Coater and UVM UV Dryer for flat surfaces offers 100% transfer efficiency and instant curing. The company manufactures other finishing and sanding equipment (individual machines and systems) for flat, profile, and edge surfaces, including vacuum coaters, sanders, sprayers, robots, ovens, curtain coaters and material handling equipment.

Booth 801

Delle Vedove USA/Superfici USA


Handheld Thickness Instrument

The new Dualscope MP0R is an easy-to-use handheld instrument for measuring coatings on ferrous and nonferrous metal substrates. The MP0R features: integrated measurement probe with automatic substrate recognition; two screens so measurement values can be seen from any measurement position; radio transmission of data directly to a computer; and easy-to-use menu-driven operation.

Booth 2225

Fischer Technology Inc.


Lubrication and Cleaning

Lubriquip is a manufacturer of automatic precision conveyor lubrication and cleaning equipment sold under the OPCO brand name. Lubriquip also markets specialty WearMaster brand lubricants.

Booth 1145

Lubriquip Inc.


Racking and Holding Parts

See how the right design of hooks make the difference in density, quality, quantity, blemish and control. Racking parts vs. hooking utilizes the best of money, time, paint and space on a line. Talk to the original designers of the “Magic Rack” crossbar.

Booth 940

“Magic Rack”/Production Plus Corp.


Parts Cleaning Oven

Guspro will display a GO Series Oven, which is used for safe, effective cleaning of hooks, racks, fixtures and reject parts. GO ovens will improve productivity, improve coating quality and reduce rejects. GO ovens will also eliminate chemical waste disposal and liability problems. Powerful, heavy-duty oxidizers eliminate hydrocarbon emissions.

Booth 743

Guspro • 888-648-7776

Testing Services

ACT Laboratories has an extensive facility for providing test panels and testing services. Capabilities include fabrication of test panels from a wide variety of metals and plastics, application of pretreatments and paint-testing services, including performance of paint, plastic, textiles and metals.

Booth 1644

ACT Laboratories


Powder Coating Consultants

Division of Ninan Inc.

1529 Laurel Ave.

Bridgeport, CT 06604


Booth 603


The National Association of Metal Finishers is the industry association representing hundreds of independent member surface finishing firms and their suppliers in the United States and abroad. Its purpose is to advance, protect and perpetuate the surface finishing industry and develop the highest standards of service, quality and conduct.

Booth 1605



Low-VOC Paints and Coatings

Delta Coatings offers “low-VOC” and “HAPs-free” paints and coatings for the OEM, coil coating and general industrial markets it serves. In addition, Delta also provides some of the highest quality waterborne air-dry and bake enamels in the industry.

Booth 934

Delta Coatings Corp.


Automated Finishing

The Webmaster E-Series Finishing System Controller is designed to provide reliable automation for finishing systems. In addition, a digital communications package allows for changing set points, manually activate or deactivate pumps and valves, upgrade software and receive reports or alarms from any PC that has Internet access.

Booth 627



Turnkey Systems

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery is a full-service manufacturer of turnkey finishing systems specializing in the design and installation of high-volume cleaning and surface preparation machinery, ovens, material-handling systems, application equipment and other specialty machinery.

Booth 1507

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery


Industrial Ovens

Steelman has been a leader in high-quality, industrial ovens for almost 60 years. Its process ovens are for curing, preheating, drying, etc. Its burn-off ovens clean hooks, racks or metal parts both safely and quickly.

Booth 411

Steelman Industries Inc.


IR Ovens

CCI Thermal’s QuikCoil infrared oven provides even, consistent heat. It also keeps costs down with convenient maintenance access and ease of operation. Custom engineering and a variety of available wattages make the QuikCoil oven a good fit for companies.

Booth 2003

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.


Offline/Inline Sifters

The Vorti-Siv Division of MM Industries will display models of its range of gyratory inline and offline sieves for powder coating separation and reclamation. Highlighted is its model RVM-15E center or side-discharge sieves. These portable air or electric-driven models are available in 12-inch and 36-inch screen diameter and utilize only three stainless-steel product contact parts for quick color cleanup or changeover.

Booth 521



3-D UV Cure System

The Prime UV 3-D cure system allows finishers to provide UV coatings with superior abrasion resistance and durability. The system allows production times to be cut as much as 80% due to the immediate and instant cure feature of UV coating. Additional benefits to adding the system are the elimination of harmful VOCs in the coating line and both the space savings and the financial savings of a UV curing system.

Booth 1602

Prime UV Systems


Overspray Filter

Paint Pockets Green overspray filter is specially engineered to filter liquid and powder coating overspray in industrial and automotive applications. It’s designed to replace expanded paper, fiberglass and flat polyester filters. Switching to Paint Pockets Green can produce high efficiency, long life and cost savings.

Booth 619

Paint Pockets Co.


Full-Service Metal Finishing

Fort Wayne Anodizing is a full-service metal-finishing company specializing in Chromate Conversion, Type III Hardcoat Anodizing, Hardcoat anodizing with Teflon, Type II anodizing, color anodizing, casting impregnation and MetaBrite, with the lines to accommodate high-volume or job-shop needs.

Booth 1928

Fort Wayne Anodizing


Paint Recycling

Since newspapers, cans and bottles can be recycled, why not paint? Since 1997, the firm of Range & Heine GmbH has been developing and installing a product called Coolac, which makes paint recycling a reality. Nutro Corp. is now the exclusive licensee of this patented process in North America and Brazil.

Booth 1433

Nutro Corp.


Touch-up Paint for OEMs

Custom-Pak Products is a leading manufacturer of exact-match touch-up paint to match OEM finishes packaged in aerosol cans, brush-in-lid bottles and paint marking pens.

Booth 1031

Custom-Pak Products Inc.


Quick-Change Spray Nozzles

Uni-Spray Systems continues to be an industry leader in the development of spray nozzle technology for pretreatment systems. The company will show its extended line of “Quick Change” nozzle tips. These versatile tips allow for fast changeover for cleaning while maintaining alignment for critical spray pattern control.

Booth 2224

Uni-Spray Systems


Electrocoat Association

The Electrocoat Association will exhibit parts and products finished with electrocoating, literature explaining the process, and the Electrocoating Book. Industry experts will be available for questions.

Booth 1301

The Electrocoat Association


UV Curing Equipment

American Ultraviolet has a complete line of UV retrofit systems for existing systems with or without shutters, as well as custom design systems, multiple lamps and safety equipment. Also available are 400 to 600 watts per inch mercury and metal additive curing lamps.

Booth 1034

American Ultraviolet Co.


Medium Pressure Spraying

Medium pressure technology is a new air spray technology that is the optimal point between conventional and HVLP air spray. Medium pressure technology delivers a transfer efficiency of up to 71% with the high-quality finish of conventional air spray. It is available in a wide range of automatic and manual spray guns.

Booth 1805

Walther Pilot North America


HAPs-Free Coatings

Guertin Bros. Coatings will be exhibiting its latest generation of isocyanate-free polyester/acrylic urethanes. They are high-solids, VOC-compliant, HAPs-free coating systems that are very competitive based on applied costs. The systems are user-friendly and possess excellent physical properties for coverage, color and gloss retention, flexibility and cure.

Booth 2207

Guertin Bros. Coatings and Sealants


Engineering Services

Three l Engineering will display its engineering designs for powder coating finishing equipment, as well as a three-dimensional computerized fly-through of a powder coating finishing system.

Booth 2034

Three l Engineering Inc.


Powder Coating Institute

The Powder Coating Institute offers information on suppliers of powder coating materials, equipment and related industry services, and educational materials on the benefits of powder coating and the powder coating finishing process.

Booth 1400

Powder Coating Institute


Portable Vacuum

Ruwac Industrial Vacuums will be showcasing model WS2220, a portable vacuum for the remediation of powder coatings with state-of-the-art filtration. Ruwac’s primary oversized filter is 99.9% efficient @0.5 micron, eliminating the hazards of premature filter clogging and messy filter changes. The vacuum is virtually maintenance free and its user-friendly characteristics will increase productivity.

Booth 526

Ruwac Industrial Vacuums


UV Integrating Radiometer

EIT’s Instrument Markets group designs and manufactures a complete line of UV measurement instruments, including UV radiometers and online UV lamp monitors. Radiometers provide UV energy density in joules/cm2 (dosage) and peak UV irradiance in watts/cm2. Online UV lamp monitors track UV bulb degradation as a percentage of original output.

Booth 2200



High-Temp Masking Products

Caplugs has created a new line of high-temperature masking products to protect the industry’s most unusual-shaped ports, threads and bolts during harsh finishing processes. Caplugs’ silicone, high-temperature vinyl, paper and polyester products offer reliable protection in the most extreme conditions with temperature resistance ranging up to 600°F.

Booth 2033



HVLP Turbine Finishing System

Can-Am’s Turbo Coatair HVLP turbine-powered finishing system will be on display showing all equipment updates plus three new unique spray guns. One is designed to spray inside tubular surfaces, the second is a new hand-spray cup gun, and the third is a pencil gun design for penetrating small openings that sprays at a 45-degree angle.

Booth 1745



Biological Cleaners

The BioClean biological cleaners and cleaner phosphates use microbial action to digest oils and greases, rejuvenating the process solutions and avoiding the necessity of dumping spent materials. The BioClean processes are fully automated and they are widely used to prepare metals for painting, powder coating, electrocoating and plating.

Booth 2036

BioClean USA


Aluminum Anodizers Council

The Aluminum Anodizers Council is the international trade association for the aluminum anodizing industry. Its mission is to promote the use of anodized aluminum worldwide.



Conveyor Systems

Jervis B. Webb Co. I-Beam or enclosed track conveyors include both continuous flow and power-and-free systems that are used extensively in paint and powder coating systems. The continuous flow conveyor is a means to transport parts through high-volume and basic powder coating operations. Power-and-free conveyors feature on-line accumulation, variable chain speeds and switching capabilities that allow routing of loads to different destinations.

Booth 1617

Jervis B. Webb Co.


Thin-Film UV Coatings

Prime Coatings has developed a line of UV coatings that provide durable thin films for plastics, tough thick films for wood and sealer/topcoat systems for carbon fiber. These systems offer excellent adhesion and are available in a wide range of colors and effects.

Booth 1806

Prime Coatings


Curing Software

Oven Insight Software provides several new and easy features: Wizards for fast setup; out-of-tolerance alarms; telemetry; cure prediction with different oven settings; multiple paqfile views and overlays; and notification for logger recalibration. The Download Plus feature runs, saves, analyzes, displays and prints reports, all with a single click.

Booth 2127



Polished Silver Liquid Coatings

The QuickSilver line of liquid coatings simulates polished silver but is spray-applied with conventional equipment. Quicksilver offers an alternative to vacuum metalizing and plating. Formulated to adhere to glass, wood, metal and plastic, and available in low-VOC, airdry or bake vehicles.

Booth 427

G.J. Nikolas Co.


E-coat Power Supplies

From simple, manually controlled units for lab or prototype requirements to sophisticated, multistation, PLC-controlled systems, air or liquid cooled, Dynapower and Rapid feature equipment of the highest quality and reliability.

Booth 1711

Dynapower Corp.