Houston-based NACE International - The Corrosion Society, launched a new logo identity during its annual awards banquet at Corrosion/2005, in Houston, earlier this month.

The annual conference and expo is the largest corrosion event worldwide, attracting more than 6,000 professionals internationally.

The innovative look of the new logo reflects the in-depth research NACE International has undergone during a two-year process of surveying its members and conducting focus groups and other research activities.

The logo features a trio of ellipses that demonstrates the interconnectivity of people and technology developing and exchanging information seamlessly. The three interlocking segments represent people, assets, and the environment, in line with NACE International's purpose. With fluid movement the new logo defines NACE International as an association in motion, as a driving force for innovation in corrosion solutions, and as a common forum for cooperation around the world.

"We wanted to incorporate a sense of connection between our members in the new logo without being trite," says Trevor Eade, marketing manager for NACE. "The concept of the trio of ellipses seemed perfect to reflect the dynamics of the organization. The contemporary treatment of the type reflects a very progressive feel."

The new logo was officially adopted during the NACE Annual Awards Banquet on April 6.