Welcome to the inaugural edition of Finishing Today - our maiden voyage, busting out of the gates. In the past two months, I told you that we would be bringing about changes to our magazine. Well, here they are. Of course you've probably noticed the new name. We feel this better reflects the message we bring you. Industrial Paint & Powder was too old-fashioned and somewhat misleading. Finishing Today lets you know that we're not just a "paint" journal. Additionally, I had heard that people felt IP&P was becoming a "powder" book. We're not.

Finishing Today endeavors to present the very latest in technology for the finishing professional. We understand that you are faced with a complexity of decisions in your operation. We'll make your life just a bit easier. If you need to understand the latest in coatings for plastics, you'll find it here. If you're faced with managing the emissions in your metal finishing operation, you'll get the latest information in Finishing Today. If it's wood that you're coating, we'll give you the inside scoop on the latest technology to satisfy both your customers and the regulatory folks.

I'm certain that you noticed our cover. It's symbolic of our new attitude - we want to offer you a new, fresher approach to finishing technology and news. Take a peek inside. You'll notice that the columns, features and departments are all brand spanking new. FinishingBuzz gives you the lowdown on what's happening in the industry. FinishingFeedback allows you to speak your mind on technology or business, or gives you that avenue you've been looking for to get something off your chest. (Please write to us at editor@finishingtodaymag.com - we'd love to hear from you.) FinishingPeople updates you on transitions in the lives of your colleagues. FinishingAgenda lets you know when and where all the training courses and shows will be. FinishingEnvironment, an occasional column, will cover the latest regulatory issues affecting our industry, and FinishingInnovations are short technology blurbs from the suppliers to our industry. More departments and columns will be introduced in future issues.

This redesign didn't come without countless hours of hard work by our vaunted art department. Our new sleek and modern design is a product of the toils of Laura Carruthers, Jake Needham and Mike Powell. Hats off to them for a job well done.

We're not done improving, however. Now that the print version is off and running, we're concentrating on how we reach you electronically. Stay tuned for information about our e-newsletter and revamped website.

So welcome to our new house. Come on in and look around; I think that you're going to like what you read.