CYTEC INDUSTRIES INC.: The new UCECOAT® family of waterborne UV urethane acrylate resins is designed to offer higher performance, faster curing, environmental compliance and ease of application for a range of wood and non-wood coatings, including those used in wood flooring, kitchen cabinets, wood furniture, paper upgrading and vinyl/parquet flooring. These new waterborne UV curable resins are also suitable for plastics and metal substrates, and can be used in primers, basecoats and topcoats. The resins can help formulators meet requirements for low volatile organic compound and low hazardous air pollutant emissions, and can be applied using a variety of methods, including spray, rollcoat, curtain or vacuum coating. Tack-free properties permit easy handling and dust-free contamination. Other benefits reportedly include better control over film build and gloss levels, excellent adhesion, good chemical/stain/scratch resistance, and good reactivity with a range of hardness levels. Visit .