The Wheelabrator WS 4/210 spinner hanger is designed for the cleaning and preparation of cavernous and odd-shaped parts that do not adapt easily to batch machine processing. The system reportedly is an integral component of the paint stripping process for automobile manufacturers, including the Georgetown, KY, Toyota plant, where the Camry is made. During the vehicle painting process, not only do the car components get painted, but so do the jigs and fixtures that hold them. Kevin Lawler, Specialist Paint 1 Production Engineer for Toyota, said, “The process Wheelabrator developed for Toyota allows us to strip paint off these parts in three to five minutes. Ideally the jigs and fixtures are cleaned every five to 10 passes through the machine. Previously this was a very time-consuming process, which took 24 hours and involved a highly caustic method with a hazardous acidic material.”

Toyota currently uses a Wheelabrator WS 4/210 spinner hanger and a non-traditional media to clean the paint off the jigs. “At first we tried grit and shot. Then we switched to a media similar to one used in Japan. That is when the results really became evident,” Lawler said. Smaller parts are cleaned in a Wheelabrator 6-cu. ft. Tumblast® machine.

According to the company, spinner hangers also work well for parts that are too delicate for a Tumblast and too small for table machines. Parts loaded onto the hanger arrangement are rotated during the blast cycle and blasted from multiple angles, resulting in cost-effective, chemical-free cleaning for a broad range of production requirements. The system is available in a range of sizes with two to four blast wheels, is pre-wired for easy installation and has a small footprint for reduced floor space requirements.

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