Company has designed infrared modular sections that incorporate a custom hi-density refractory board, composed of aluminum silicate and other non-organic binders. These reflector boards are especially useful in higher watt density applications such as for curing powder coatings, and are self-cleaning in many operations. High-density boards are capable of withstanding up to 100 W per square inch and act also as a generator of medium wavelength infrared. This greatly benefits the powder finishing and curing process. As the coating continues to cure, it in turn heats the product being coated, aiding in the acceleration of the curing process. Oven rapidly brings parts to 225°F (or higher if desired), and evaporates all moisture. Fostoria ovens can also combine drying and preheating cycles into a single process when necessary, giving manufacturers the option of a complete powder cure system using only electric infrared. This greatly reduces the system footprint and cost.

Fostoria Industries